Eye Strain and Migraine Solutions (Monitors)

Hello -- I am in front of a computer +8 hours/day for work, and my eyes have been taking a beating. Yesterday I experienced two migraines due to the fact that my office mates want the lights OFF, so the bright light of the monitor is causing a real strain on my eyes.

I just did some research and I see that in addition to changing the settings of my ViewSonic monitor (which I don't know if I can do), I can get a filter, or there is software out there that will change the appearance of the monitor depending on the type of lighting in the room. Which app works best (looking for free or little cost).

Curious what has worked best for people and what recommendations and suggestions people have.

Thank you for your help!

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Reporting: Eye Strain and Migraine Solutions (Monitors)
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I went back to my eye doctor.

And he set me up with a better set of glasses for computer work. My reading glasses were not right for this work.

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Since my eyes are also aging, I take my glasses off while I work because they're for distance. I guess I will have to look into a better set of glasses that will help with glare and maybe also get progressive lenses. Thanks.

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Glare had me be picky about dsplays.

No more Dell Inspirons for me. They tend to be a little fuzzy and the color is off so I'm sticking with better displays now.

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I also changed themes

When I used windows, the blues hurt more and it's a very blue system, I most often had mine set to a "teal" theme, which hasn't changed much since I ended up using Linux Mint with it's greenish theme, although there are other themes available. Does Windows 10 have any "dark themes" available in it? If not, I suppose there are third party software which supplies such. Many use the dark themes on linux in darkened rooms, I suppose to reduce the glare caused by the screen without any softer, warmer colored lighting also in the room.

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Tried some sun shades?

I find adjusting the red color up helps me, it 'warms' the view a bit, takes off the harsher blue. Of course the easiest is the contrast and brightness settings. Many monitors have a "warm" setting on them, try that. Also normal eye strain can add to it, so get some low power reader glasses or make sure if you wear prescription lenses they are current to your condition. If visiting your optometrist, talk to him about it.

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Reader Glasses

Very helpful. Low power reader glasses might do the trick. I'll look into that as well.

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Itemized list

"my eyes have been taking a beating" -
Exercise; examples:

Watchwords: discipline; regularity. Exercising can be very effective.

"migraines" -
At work, re-hydrate sufficiently (water); take a rest whenever possible. If persistent, try acupuncture.

"my office mates want the lights OFF" -
Not a bad idea - always better than having any strip lights on. Get a table lamp to soften contrast.

"bright light of the monitor" -
Have controls been made full use of? It sounds trivial, but most people do not bother. "(which I don't know if I can do)" - Yes, you can! Control buttons may be a little tricky to use, often inconspicuous, sometimes hidden. Search and find.

"I can get a filter" -
Those got out of fashion with the demise of CRT monitors where they could have some effect.

"software out there that will change the appearance of the monitor" -
Never saw anything that I would like. Monitor controls are your best bet re: color temperature, saturation, luminance, etc. There may be built-in options to choose from - read the manual.
And, yes, read the manual.

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