Refurbishment = Are anything rebuild and inspected to operate at the specs they were designed for. They are rebuild because they failed or maintain up to specs or any design fault known to cause a short lifespan and now corrected. The main reason they're cheaper is because they are also used.

As for usage of a PC in nowadays application having an ext. storage/media is almost a must to safeguard data offline(multiple copies) as yet another source of storage. As for SDD, these are intended for typical use but any intense or repetitive use is going to test the TRIM or similar command structure to reduce re-using the same data area over and over again. Failure is always an omnipresent condition but that can be managed. If you use your PC as any typical user would and provide decent handling and care, expect to get what you pay for. In other words, if you treat it right it will you.

my opinion -----Willy Happy