External GPU Hookup

I'm curious as to why I cannot use my GPU connected to a riser with a store bought USB 3.0 Card inserted into the PCIe slot.

Scenario 1: Card works fine with original risers PCIe insert.

Scenario 2: When replacing the original riser PCIe adapter with one that fastens into the case I cannot get my monitor to work.

I didn't believe there was anything special about the small PCIe riser adapter that I plug internally into the computer.

Using this Riser:

Trying to use this PCIe USB 3.0 adapter:,loc:2

Any thoughts?

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Reporting: External GPU Hookup
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Clarification Request
I'm reading about power sources

On the Amazon site >
"REDUCE MOTHERBOARD BURDEN: 4PIN, SATA and Graphic card 6PIN interface are optional to power, which provides Graphic card independent power and reduces motherboard burden when using more Graphic cards"

Have you tried these?

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The Graphics Card is being powered by its own separate 600w PSU.

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That is not a common riser.

It's for thereum ETH Mining. You shouldn't see a display on the GPU plugged into that.

What are you trying to do here?

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Good question!

I have had this riser connected to two different GPUs and it's worked fine with displaying the screen. What am I trying to do? I purchased a desktop that has a smaller than conventional case and would like to game, I purchased a RX580 but it doesn't fit within the case. I've been using it externally with the riser but I'm trying to clean things up a bit (not leave a hole in the back of my computer where a usb runs through) so I figured I'd give this a try. I just can't understand why the riser adapter would work but this wouldn't.

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Good question for the maker.

But since it's for mining, does it do that?

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The risers do just as they say, they allow for mining, yes.

ALSO, I've been using said riser with my RX580 to play Playerunknown Battleground with no issues.

The purpose of this questions is to understand why I cannot switch the original adapter with a store bought one that fits perfectly into a PCIe slot on the back of my case and if anyone has tried to do the same or has an answer as to why so I can get help. I'm trying to ultimately build an external case that I can use with my Small Form Factor Desktop that I bought since a full size card doesn't fit inside of it.

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Why not go with

The riser that works in scenario 1?

You can fabricate a housing, brackets if need be. I've become a fan of making such with plastic blocks so to avoid shorts.

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I've bought a mettle insert for the back of my case and a USB that can screw into it so I can use the original riser accessories, but is was much more painful than buying a single USB 3.0 card. Haha. That is why I'm trying to get some incite. I've become a pretty big fan with all of this recently as well.

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I wonder.

If it's just a bum one. If you read bit mining discussions on this, you find that folk rip some makers because a few don't work.

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It's a perfectly good one. I can mine and game on it.

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That contradicts the top post.

Maybe I'll read it again but I thought you could not game on the setup without the display.

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You're onto it

The problem is when I try to replace the little PCIe adapter that the riser came with, with the store bought one that fits in the case with the metal bracket I get no display signal.

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The only

Piece that I'm trying to replace is the one that goes in the computer case, not the whole riser. GPU is still connected to the original riser and powered by external PSU.

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Oh wait.

You are not mixing parts between the kits are you?

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I'm trying to replace this.

With the bestbuy insert.

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That may explain why.

What's wrong with that part?

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To make it looks professional. With the other USB adapter it's a plug and play directly into the back of the computer.

With the one that comes with the riser you need to leave an opening for a USB to enter the case and plug into the the PCIe port.

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Sorry I should have explained more.

The part you showed a picture is is not some USB port or adapter. It's simply using USB 3.0 cables to sneak over the needed PCIe x1 signals to the other board. If it was possible to use USB 3.0 for video work, we would not have been so limited on laptops.

Mystery solved to me.

Also, why did they use USB 3.0 cables and parts when it's not USB at all?

Because the parts are massed produced and that makes them cheap. In the old days you might not do this because folk would not understand.

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If you can sneak video over on USB cords why couldn't you sneak video through USB ports?

I feel like there's a lot of money to be lost if this were the case so it hasn't happened.

There is no reason why my GPU which is run through a USB to a PCIe adapter can work perfectly fine but will not work perfectly fine when connected into the same capable USB 3.0 PCIe adapter card?

Sounds fishy.

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Sorry I didn't catch on what you were trying earlier.

That USB is only USB in appearance. You can dig into USB 3.0 and PCIe x1 speed and well, so much difference. I can see where some would try what you did.

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Why not

do what an old Pro here has suggested at some points and cut a hole in the side cover and use a speaker cover to clean it up ? ( maybe ) Mischief

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