This needs Visual Basic for Word, I'm afraid.

It's easiest to have all the files with a fixed filename in a folder, say app001.doc through app999.doc. Then you would have to write a module (macro) which opened each file in succession, and saved the contents to a text file, say app001.txt through app999.txt. When ready the macro should create something like appall.txt, read all those text files, and append them to appall (that's old time Basic, in fact).

An alternative might be to have the macro Insert all forms behind each other in one large document and do one Save data only for all together. I don't know if it works, but it's easy to try from the screen.

Working with randomly named files should necessitate the use a filesystem-object, which complicates matters somewhat. With filenames following a pattern it's easier to open them.

Hope this helps.