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Evie? No I don't.


I depend on Molly Ivins for a little humor. And besides, I will and do listen even to robert novak and ann coulter, but I don't depend on them either. Partisan or not, doesn't make their every point wrong. I was just replying to Rob.

Not that I don't appreciate you keeping your eye out for what my problem is. Maybe you'll hit on it next time and I shall be cured.


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I know that the National Review is the preferred reading

material for the Reagan/Bush/Bush generation, but it's enormously biased in its opinions, more so than Harpers for example. It's more on the lines of New Republic or the Nation, both of which I find useful but not always compelling.

The coverage of Bush has been mostly focussed on what he is proposing with little reasoned or reasonable analysis in the general press or Television. I like Ivins and Krugman and all the other people who offer a contrasting viewpoint in contradiction to the leap of faith that is being required by this Administration. Right now any information is better than no information.

I have heard the 3% claw back talked about occasionally but have not seen it clearly laid out as it was in the Ivins article. I am still not clear why the government feels it has a right to 3% of what you're supposed to be saving for your retirement but maybe I just haven't read the right article yet. I don't read US newspapers as a rule being occupied with keeping track of Canadian news as well as US.

Thanks for the Feb 8 article Crowsfoot, I hadn't found that one yet. Always enjoy your input.

Rob Boyter

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The problem is that Ivins has ...

... ZERO knowledge of much that she writes about. At least most NRO and Townhall columnists that I read are in the fields of the topics they discuss. Krugman's economics lately doesn't even make common sense ... but at least he can claim to be an economist.

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Robert Novak v. Ivins ...

... Novak is almost purely a political reporter. He doesn't personally bash people that I have ever seen, and he doesn't get into policy debates on issues to which he is largely ignorant. Ivins uses personal attacks to analyze policies, the nature of which she is largely ignorant of. At least Krugman is an economist so has more standing on economic issues. This was my point. On each of the few occasions I've read and tried to substantiate Ivins' rhetoric she's come up far short of being accurate and making points that hold up under the light of scrutiny. Yet many seem to take her opinions as truth.

Evie Happy

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"He doesn't personally bash people", are you serious !!!

No, he uses anonymous sources to expose their CIA operative wives and then escapes any sort of punishment or even, as far as I can tell, much investigation. He also makes a lot of snide comments when the object of those comments is not there on his program to defend themselves. Evie, you are so partisan to the right it's jaw dropping. Does your neck turn even an inch to the left of straigh ahead?

Molly Ivins is one of the few who take a strong point-by-point stance against Bush in print. Her qualifications are the same as Novaks, she's been a political columnist for eons, and has observed Bush at close hand in Texas through his governorship. That's all the qualifications she needs.

Rob Boyter

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Where did he bash Wilson?

I see Ivins is your writer du jour. She is ignorant and downright factually bereft on most points Sad

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Bob. I admire...
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Coulter was a sacrificial. A worst example throw away,

but she'll be back.

She gave cover to, and drew fire from, the real right-wing spinners. She ain't no dummy! Still, among all her lies, distortions and exaggerations was a nugget once in a while. Standing on it's head, exactly opposite from what she claimed it to be, but a "reason to hate" type nugget, nevertheless.

It's too bad that so much energy has to go into countering the likes of her. She kind'a claims to be the, like "anti-evil". I disagree, but there you go.

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among all her lies, distortions and exaggerations was a nugget once in a while.

Here I thought you were talking about Ivins Devil

Evie Happy
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(NT) (NT) Even a BROKEN clock is right twice a day. ;-)

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