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Evie, FYI, the contents of a removed post

can be reposted that you 'really want to be shown' if it meets certain conditions. Re: Lee Koo's post introducing the Mods message:
''ATTENTION Speakeasy forum members: Please read carefully''

''....if it contains a 'zinger' of any kind, or a snide remark, a blatant insult to members or a culture, or any other derogatory type comment, the post will be removed. There will be no emails about it (figure it out on your own and repost the content that you really want to be shown);...''

The type was not bold in the original.

I have not seen anything if this also applies to padlocked posts.

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Let's face it ...

... the rules keep changing and it's impossible to keep up.

It was my understanding that we were NOT to continue locked discussions.

I don't know how to decide what posts are OK to repost if one is not informed of what was the offensive part to begin with. With all the glitches, it is often impossible to tell if a post WAS pulled, or if it just got lost in cyberspace. I really don't much care if the occasional post gets pulled.

Emailing the Mods is an exercise in futility.

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if you actually read JRs post

you would still understand that "we were NOT to continue locked discussions"

his post referes to the instance that if you post "listen up *******!!!!! blah1 blah2 blah3 and finally blah4!!!" it will be pulled because you said listen up *******!!!!!

repost the blah1 blah2 blah3 and finally blah4!!! and no-one will be on your case


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(NT) (NT) What is this incoherence supposed to mean?
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Thanks Evie..........

I was hoping I wasn't the only one to not understand what the heck Jonah meant!!!

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Hello my AZ friend ;-)

Watch the lock come on really soon Devil

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Backatcha my CT Friend
Devil Yep!! LOL
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*sigh*...once more slowwwwwwwwlllllllllly

post with a 'zinger',(e.g. "listen up *******!!!") it will be pulled, remove the 'zinger' (e.g. "listen up *******!!!") and repost, it will probably not be pulled....

and BTW, JRs post was about deleted posts, not continuing locked threads...


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I suppose this is where I should ...

... email the moderators about their behavior? LOL.

Have a nice night. I didn't ask for a lesson on reposting deleted posts.

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email whoever/whenever you want

doesn't erase the fact that the opening post in this thread was about reposting deleted posts.

you just had to grind your axe on something i guess....


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The POINT you missed Jonah, was

That Evie was talking about Rob constantly making posts from a LOCKED thread!!! A bigger ***** SIGH*****

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i'm posting in THIS thread, about what was said in THIS thread...

and just curious....

isn't it time you let evie answer for herself....


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This isn't an open board anymore? I notice that you have been doing all the "talking" and JR has posted once, so why not let John talk??

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Re: isn't an open board anymore?

it is, you're right!

so, evie agrees with what i said, but she can't climb of that branch she's hanging from...

JR thinks that i'm doing a great job and is sitting there with a grin on his face...

and you got yourself.....


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Yes I do

and I may add very happy to, as you show what you are all about........

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RE: as you show what you are all about........

i wonder....when will you be able to say exactly what ails you regards 'jonah the mod'.....

as i said to evie, 'you have a problem with the way i moderate, take it up with TPTB'....

so in the meantime would it be at all possible for you to keep your (to use your favourite word) snide innuendo to yourself....

thank you in advance
for the consideration
and the continuing effort.


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Baited...............Ok, say something.

Say something.

Whenever I make a correction to some of your posts, I get jumped on by Evie.

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What are you ... Jonah topic cop now?

Considering that I didn't ASK for assistance in reposting deleted posts, you should have deleted JR's thread instead of starting down this track.

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I think

that what Jonah was trying to do is to re-state what Lee Koo said.

If something in your post is considered sladerous, the entire post is pulled.

It is up to you to re-post the non slanderous information, obviously, in a new thread.

My take FWIW.

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Right David. It is what

the Mods stated that I quoted from their SE message in Lee's post.

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(NT) (NT) I didn't ask!
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Correction Evie

This is what you said

' (NT) What is this incoherence supposed to mean?

Posted by: Evie (see profile) - 05/05/2006 9:22 PM
In reply to: if you actually read JRs post by jonah jones

I replied.

And rest my case.

David Williams

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I can and have read Lee's post. I did not ask for an explanation of it.

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evie, i'm curious

as the "Emailing the Mods is an exercise in futility." song seems to be such a favourite these days, i went to check my mail box....

in the short time (almost 5 months) that i have been a mod, i have received over 1300 emails, and yet not one of them is from you...

i admit, it's possible that you only use the semods email, but if that's the case, i would (usually) be included in the reply....



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First of all ...

... why would I email you? We are told to use the SEMods4 email. In my experience, the use of that email for ''mod alerts'' is an exercise in futility. One either gets an unsigned email stating ''you just don't like XYZ ...'' or ''yeah, we agree, but there's nothing we can do''. Of course it doesn't help that too often the problem is with a moderator exercising their ''member privileges''.

Why JR chose to start another thread is beyond me, but I responded civilly expressing my thoughts. I'm not looking for advice on the reposting of pulled posts. I only expressed regret that the automated notices no longer exist because at least one knew that a post had been deleted and why. I expressed an opinion on locked threads. Thankfully at least Angeline acknowledges I still have that right!

I don't think it has escaped the membership here that, although DK was back last night, he has failed to ''take responsibility'' for his actions. And NOT ONE SINGLE MODERATOR seems to have a problem with his abuse of his power in this instance.

Oh ... and once more S L O O W W L L L Y Y







Keep popping Lee's message to the top. Keep encouraging people to email the moderators if they have a problem. Are you guys expecting a different result? Perhaps if the moderators really DID appear to be trying to be part of the solution ..........





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Don't worry Evie, "someone"

will find a loophole or a "mis-reinterpretation" of the TOS subclause that allows for someone to do what they did. I really don't care, because it shows character (or what may pass or be lack of)

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(NT) (NT) They can't even do that much apparently :-(
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(NT) (NT) thank you for the civil answer
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This one single moderator....

.... has done the same thing on several occasions. I speak only for myself regarding having been equally guilty.

Yes, I am a member as well as a mod.

Thus I have no character, and am unworthy to serve.

But I am not a hypocrite, so will take my punishment along with DK.

Speakeasy Moderator
click here to email

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I did not direct my comments at you, as at least you tried to provide an answer. However, you have NOT done the same thing.

As Mark@Nite suggested, it's probably something worthy of hitting the ModAlert on, since the Moderators do not give any indication of policing their own. Then we'll get chastised for using the ModAlerts "out of spite" and bringing down the forum. IMO, what DK did in that thread was a clear case of "do as I say, not as I do" Sad

Evie Happy

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Re: abuse of his power

Those that can unlock.........unlock

Those that can declassify.......declassify

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