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Everything's going wrong. For the love of God, help me!

Okay, about a week or so ago I started to notice some changes with my computer. First and foremost, Firefox was crashing a lot. Then, as time went on, Windows Media Player and other programs began to crash regularly as well. In some cases I would double-click on an icon and the crash message would come up so I couldn't even open it. This would happen again and again until I restarted my computer, but that led to another problem. As time went on, say a few days or so, my computer would restart when I would click on certain icons (I didn't notice any pattern) and load up normally to the Windows XP welcome screen, then reboot again. It would do this twice or three times back-to-back in most instances. By this time I was getting pretty frustrated and was running Ad-Aware and a demo of Trend Micro PC-Cillin constantly (they are the only anti-virus programs I have) but it wasn't finding an inordinate number of problems, nor was it finding the particular virus that was causing me so much grief. It's gotten steadily worse since then, but now the sound has been dropping out on me. I used to just not have any sound in Firefox, but as of yesterday I have not been able to hear any system sounds or music from external applications (I used to be able to do this). I looked in the control panel and what happens is that it doesn't recognize that any sound device is attached, but all the options are grayed out so I can't change them. I downloaded the nVidia nForce audio driver off the website and it would temporarily reinstate sound capabilities, but sure enough I would lose sound in another few minutes. I did this over and over again, but the virus must have eventually caught up with it, because now when I try to do that, it tels me the installer itself is corrupt and unreadable. Furthermore, it has recently been recognizing my sound device, but I can get no sound whatsoever out of it. My programs are still crashing, I have no sound at all, my computer is still restarting at random and it's driving me insane. I have to fix this; any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure whether this is one problem or multiple, but it didn't show up on the Symantec free scan and it seems to be getting worse and worse.

Here are my system specs:

Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 2)
eMachines T3395
AMD Sempron 3000+ (1.99Ghz)
1.18 Gb of RAM

The programs that seem to be crashing most are Firefox and Windows Media Player, but it's not unusual for Windows Explorer or, for that matter, any program I have open to crash.

Please help.

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Reporting: Everything's going wrong. For the love of God, help me!
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Everything's going wrong. For the love of God, help me!


It seems that you don't have an adequate AntiVirus program. This sounds like you may have a Trojan in your syetem, and your registry is completely knackered. Try this: Go into `Run', type SFC /SCANNOW. Someone also suggested AVG. It is `Free' and much better than Norton/Symantec. Failing that I suggest something I swore I'd never suggest, Doing a Destructive/Non-Destructive Recovery. This will set you r PC back to its original settings whenever it was shipped. It will also reformat your hard drive. However, a non-destructive recovery will reinstall youur OS, in your case Windows XP. In either case make sure you backup all your data beforehand.

One final word of warning thoough, "Do not under any circumstances approach HP for advice". They will give you incompetent and downright irresponsible advice, which could make things a lot worse.

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How I got help with a virus infection....

I fully understand the anguish in the original post. I made a similar post last week on another site and got great help....

Briefly...I had Norton for years, but had a lot of difficulty with a new install of Norton Security so I got rid of it. IT SHOULD BE KNOWN that Symantec will give refunds within 60 days if you buy and install one of their products and it adversely affects your computer (read the small print...).

I've been using avast! (home) and like it a lot. Somehow, the settings got changed recently and I got 8 infected files in two areas of my system. I googled the question but got very confused. Then I posted a request for help at an avast! forum...I got a quick, simple, and totally helpful reply and had the multiple problems fixed in a few hours.

I find that avast!, SpyBot and Ad-Aware, is a good combo...but, as a result of this thread, I'll look into adding things like AVG etc.

Thanks to all for your comments. The forums are life-savers!!

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Everything's going wrong. For the love of God, help me!

Have you considered a bad hard drive?
Click Start then click Run
Type in Chkdsk /f (or any other variables you may want to use)
You will probably see a screen that states the disk cannot be checked at this time, would you like to check it the next time you reboot. Check the "yes" box, and click OK.

Then reboot your computer... and wait for chkdsk to do its thing.

Hope that helps.

Big John

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You problem could be that the fan on your CPU has died or is dying.
Could be CPU heat sink is plugged up or entire comp is full of dust.
A friend recently had this problem and doing what you are. His problem was a CPU cooling fan. GOOD LUCK.

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Your understanding problem

You must to have a good , firewall first , then antivirus + antispyware.The best in firewall , can be Zone Alarm, also you can try AVG antivirus is free , for spyware Spybot - Search & Destroy also free , the best for spyware is known CounterSpy!Do not put your all trust in Win firewall, most popular is spyware , not virus today and some increase of network atack , all over the world in the search of something new!Don't forget to scan regulary , your drives , after you brownsing on the net , close the connection after you are out from brownser and you are not downloading something(disable),don't tell your IP to nobody.Must to help that!Good luck to you!

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Free AntiVirus software

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Your Windows is gone... let it go peacefully.

Your Windows seems to be having so many problems, you could spend weeks trying to clean it properly and still not get rid of all the problems.

I would suggest backing up all your data if this is possible, and then wiping the hard disk and reinstalling Windows. (if your computer comes with just a "System Restore" disc, use that - that will safely accomplish both tasks).

The problem is, you could install firewalls and anti-virus programs until the cows come home, but there are so many new viruses being written that you can't guarantee 100% safety. I suggest doing what I did - install a Linux distribution on your hard disk and use that for surfing the web/IM/VOIP and all that stuff. Use Windows for non-network-related tasks, and make sure it is never placed on the Internet. In my case, this means that I turn the modem off whenever I boot into Windows.

As there are only an extremely small number of viruses for Linux, and even these rarely have the ability to bork your system, this is an effective strategy. Linux can be installed alongside Windows, with both operating systems co-existing on the same hard disk.

All people are fallable, and before now I've accidentally forgotten to turn the modem off when booting into Windows. The modem has a firewall built-in, but if yours doesn't you should install a personal firewall into Windows, just in case.

I keep a copy of ClamWin installed on Windows too (the above poster recommended it), but of course it has never found anything on my Windows partition.

Yeah I know I'm an active Linux user and it's in my best interests to get people using Linux, but I really do think this is the correct strategy for you. Setting up a basic Linux install is probably within your grasp, but if you have problems you can ask someone at a local LUG (Linux User Group) to set it all up for you. I've done this for a number of my virus-ridden clients, and they've been quite happy.

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Hummm... nice idea and thought

I have no idea how or where to start with a Linux installation but do like your plan. Western Aussie land... where? I have IM mate near Perth. Grin

Thanks for the information.


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Sound Problems.

First I have a few questions for you.
I might be able to help you. The keywords are might be able.
My first question is are you recieving any pop-up message boxes
telling you that your anti virus software needs to be upgraded or does a pop-up message try to get you to click on its draw you in button or the yes, ok or accept buttons etc...
Also is there any mention of a trojan type virus if you click on the pop up or even if you do not click on it.
I believe even though I am not an expert, that you may be encountering a form of spyware or maybe a backdoor virus such as a trojan virus.I would try the other options that people have submitted too you first. If worst comes to worse though. I would do the following.
Fist I would try and backup all of my most important files.
After doing so I would try to perform a quick restore.
To an earlier date. If you need help with this you can e-mail me at Also my name is Josh.
So feel free to contact me

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the best thing to do

you have something missing the best thing to do is try to repair it or re put windows xp back on it and dont mess with those other browsers!! leave ie6 on it dont( download seven) or none of them firefox is crap. go to microsoft website and get that thing that will keep it from giving (ie7) I have been using IE6 Since it came out and i would not change..

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Many computer problems

Of course we are sympathetic to your PC woes. However do you really expect anyone to fix your problems on line?

At our 600 member computer club and at our Semior Centre (5000 members) we constantly stress the need for every PC owner to have contact with a GURU, either a local techie, perhaps a gifted university computer science student or maybe even a smart computer geek from the computer store. When you buy a computer make sure to ask and find and get to know such a person. Naturally you should find out what they charge for their services.

Most of us here pay $25 an hour for such a person. I have used my GURU about 3 times in 5 years. Problems arose that I could simply NOT solve. My guru fixed them in less than an hour. In one case it was a failed power supply, another time a trojan and last month it was an incompatability problem with two disparate applications.

Unless you are unemployed or have hours and hours of time, having a $25 an hour expert fixing your PC is the way to go. And if the guy or gal only takes a half hour to find the glitch then the other half hour can be wisely spent asking him to put on some of the great free programs to keep your PC running fast and clean. On my last guru's visit he took the last ten minutes removing a bunch of fonts I never use which speeded up my PC and then went into the registry and took out a half dozen remnants of programs that had been previously removed by control panel but were still tagging on my machine.

So, unless you are a guy that still changes the oil on your car by buying 4 quarts at Wal-Mart and finding an empty field to dump your old oil, having a GURU on your phone list is a real bargain.

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