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Every Single Browser Crashes

Hello everyone. I am in need of some serious help. I have been a loyal Mac user all my life, but now my wife is trying to convince me to buy a PC. The main reason it that all of my browsers keep crashing constantly. It does not matter which site I am on. They crash as soon as I open the browser, when I am reading information on any site, when I am reading email or sending email, when I am paying bills online, when I am on facebook, when I am on YouTube, reading articles online, listening to online radio, or when I am buying songs on iTunes. They just crash non-stop every few minutes. Every browser does the same thing. It crashes in Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Camino. I have the most recent updates to all of these browsers. I tried changing accounts and signing on as a new person, but the same thing happens. I have a G4 Mac using OS 10.5.8. My wife insists that we buy a PC to do out online transactions, pay bills, email, and surfing the net. She said just keep the Mac for my Graphic Arts work since I already have my Graphics software and Adobe Software installed on the Mac. As a lifelong Mac User I am very disheartened about this. Can anyone give any good suggestions?

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Reporting: Every Single Browser Crashes
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Resist the push to Windows,

Sounds like you have some thing other than defective browsers going on with this aging G4.

I would suggest an Archive and Install of the OS, 10.5, bring it back up to date and you will probably find that your crashing browsers are a thing of the past.
Hopefully the RAM is already max'd out, you doing graphic arts and all.

If your wife still insists on another computer, consider an iMac. Good price, superb monitor and great performance from the Dual Core processor. It'll leave your G4 in the dust.


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You must have some system issues, for instance, not enough RAM or worse. The old machine may not be OK anymore with new browsers requiring quite a lot of RAM. If you have more then two-three programs open, no wonder that the browser crashes for lack of RAM. Or maybe it is nearing its lifespan. I can virtually guarantee, that this issue would not repeat itself on a new Mac. They have plenty of RAM by default and large hard drives for virtual memory. One reason to keep in the Mac area - no viruses so far.

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Beg to differ...Don't diss OLD G-4's!!!

I'm going to have to disagree with "Macnerd10"Wink

I have a few G-4's, a G-4 450 TiBook (and a G-3 iBook) a 450 Sawtooth & a 533-DA that I upgraded the "towers" to a 1.8ghz and a ATI 9800 about 5 years ago, and run via a "hacked" OS-10.5.x. They all run Safari and Firefox web browsers great and can use any web site.
If "dhurley755" can use his "old" machine for Graphics work then I don't think it would have a problem opening a web browser.
Sounds like he may have a browser or two that are conflicting with each other.

I would do like "mrmacfixit" said and just "Archive and Install", then update via "Software Update". It only re-installs OS-X so the other 3rd party programs, settings, etc, aren't affected.
If you still had problems using another account then something got corrupted at the core level. Usually if it only does it in one account then you know it doesn't affect the core system. Did you try any of the fixes on the Apple support site? It might save you a reinstall.

I did upgrade a month ago to a new Mac-Pro (3.2 Quad core, semi-retired the G-4 for the Grand Kids) and it -is- day and night. I just installed Windows XP Via BootCamp onto another internal hard drive and I have the best of both worlds now. Well, one any way Happy

I can't use "some" of my old 10.4.x stuff but I mainly used it for games anyway. Most of my programs were out of date and I didn't use them enough to pay to upgrade them and I figured 10 years was a good run and I just upgraded both at the same time. Just be sure they have a "Universal" update for any old programs.

Also "DiskWarrior" and "TechTool Pro" are excellent fix-it utility's.

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Every single browser crashes

I would like to thank you guys for the great suggestions you have given me. I had three hard drives installed on my G4. The original drive that was 80GB, another with 250GB, and a more recent on that I use for my graphics work has 1.5TB. I performed a complete clean install on the 80GB hard drive and reinstalled Mac OS 10.5 and updated it to 10.5.8. This one had older versions of software on it that I no longer use. I am using this drive for all my online transactions and nothing else. So far I only have Safari installed and I have not had any crashes yet. Maybe now my wife will change he mind about this PC and Windows nonsense. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Once again, thanks for all the help and suggestions each of you have give me.


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Pleased it worked out for you,

Show her the new iMac. Happy

Maybe an iPad for her.


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