Apparently, you succeeded in downloading the program and in installing it. Or you wouldn't be able to run it.

That would mean your problem is "If I run the adaware program I downloaded and installed i get an error saying 'illegal operation. exception eread error in modul adaware.exe'". That's right?

A google search like "exception ereaderror" adaware shows it's a known error.

I read just one of the hits and it says:

"It seems you are missing 2 .dll files:
You can find them here:
Please download them to your:
- for Windows 9x: \Windows\System\
- for Windows XP/2000: \Windows\System32\
folder. "

If you find those 2 files present on your machine, one of the (many) other hits might be helpful.

I've never had a problem with adaware in Windows 98.