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error after cloning a netbook

I am receiving an error as shown below:
"C:\windows\system32\xp-A59327F7" is not found

ACPID driver error

network controller driver error

This system is a cloned. The original system I cloned is working fine.

My OS is winxp.

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Reporting: error after cloning a netbook
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Cloned to what

Cloned to what? If the hardware isn't more or less identical, this kind of thing may happen.

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hardware is identical

Thanks for your reply, I cloned an Asus netbook product to a Foxconn netbook product. They both have same hardware specification

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Is this related to
this previous thread?

If so, it could well be that there were BIOS differences in the system you first imaged and the one giving the error. Another cloning mishap I had doing netbooks was to think I could pull the HD from a netbook and clone it on my desktop from USB to USB using external enclosures. That didn't want to work. I had to create the image with the HD in the first netbook and restore it to the other netbooks with the HDs in them. Don't ask me why but that was my experience.
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Let's see. Asus, Foxconn.

There may be a lot in similar but cloning only works on IDENTICAL machines which these are not.

I think newer IT staffers may have to learn this lesson first hand.

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Cloaning to different hardware is now product choice

Norton now offers a cloan to different hardware as does Acronis. try using one of their new softwares.

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(NT) Sorry...not true by any measure
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Steven time to do a little research,
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Having seen these. Fail.

These fail when used against OEM installs. You can continue to think these will correct what OEMs have done to the OS but let's not delude the above posters.

This will not fix the above issue.

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They worked for me with OEM.

Well, I don't know what to tell you. They have worked for me with OEM and Volume licening. I suggest since the poster has already tryed a imaging and its failed to try downloading the 15 day trials of the above software and giving it a shot. Can't hurt to try, would like to see it working.

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Let's see them try that.

So far this has never worked for us. The magic OS mover that works with the move from one machine to another has yet to appear.

Maybe the old fashioned install would be best?

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Well, if he has the good old install software, in which they prompt you several times to make your own backups or you can purchase the backup software. You can try just reinstalling the OS and at least you would have a working computer rather than a paper weaght.

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Sounds like slick technology but it's not cloning

If you saw my link to this persons earlier thread, you might have seen what his goal least then. It was to create an image to go on 300 netbooks. This would require a volume licensed copy of XP and 300 identical PCs...a rubber stamp process of duplicating a drive with the finished product being able to successfully boot and run in any of those machines and be ready to go right away. I do use Acronis Home products but not the business version you linked to. I've not seen it run but can imagine it might work something like when we'd do similar with Win 98 by deleting what we called the "enum" from the registry and re-detecting all hardware upon first boot which meant going through the driver installation process. Somehow I never considered that as cloning. It was a pain.

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Thanks all

Thanks all for this contribution.

I have decided to install an OS winxp on the foxconn netbook. Which i did correctly. I installed all the driver i needed including the wireless lan driver.

To my surprise I found that the I cannot detect the wireless facilities even when it has been turned on.

I checked "my network places" only to realise that it is the LAN that is available. I also detected that the network controller in the device manager is showing a '?' which means that the driver is not installed correctly.

I have tried downloading from online but to no avail. Pls can anyone help

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Re: install XP

If you did a correct install of the correct OS on a correct machine and installed the correct wireless driver, it should work. So choose between:
- incorrect OS
- incorrect install
- incorrect driver
- defective hardware
Your choice here between these alternatives.

Why not go back to what worked? I mean: system recovery from the original media.


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Some of these laptops/netbooks require one more thing.

As an example look at Dell's QUICKSET. Without it (on some Dells) you find you can't get the wifi to work. There are similar UTILITIES that some machines need. The bad news is that you might never GUESS this.

Hope this helps,

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Wireless Not working...

Check the Device Manager and make sure there are no Yellow Question marks or alerts showing.

If there is open up the system information or go to RUN and type

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe"

Once system Information is open, click on Components, then Problem Devices. This will show you the devices in error.

Open a new tab in your web browser to :

For the devices in error locate the Number next tot he PNP Device ID
EXample: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0262&SUBSYS_103C1308&REV_1002\4&2DB4A70A&0&0001

Under vendor you could type 10EC and find that my sound device is a Realtek Semiconductor from there the next page links to a page with a list of driver links for the device. You can select the device in error and download and reinstall the driver.

You may also want to try to go to to the microsoft update website and click custom. Under hardware select any available hardware drivers and download them.

If you still are unable to resolve the wireless issue you can post back here with the PNP Device ID Value and I will locate the driver for you. Keep in mind it will be faster for you to try both the above than have me find it in my spare time.

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