eReader for 150 CAD, used included

I'm looking for something to read--all--PDFs (I'm afraid some brands/models might restrict only approved PDFs, looking for a signature or the like), text files and possibly word processor files. It needs to have a long charge, 10 hrs min. Is it possible to have a 9+" eReader for 150 CAD (113.63 USD at 2018-11-26 11:21 UTC (you may want to make a new conversion if this post is > 1 week old)) ?

I'm open to acquiring a used eReader if there's a way to properly test it relatively soon after the purchase; as used sites usually give short time to test them (ie: 30 days).

Thank you kindly

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Re: pdf

What do you mean with "approved" pdf's? And what should be an "unapproved" one?

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Adobe Acrobat Reader has never blocked me

Maybe it stores a bunch of signatures or checksums or whatever other mean to control the PDF its to read, from a list from them and partners. I've never owned an eReader but I know some media devices had some ways to filter out media that wasn't approved, ie: a custom audio format.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has never blocked me from reading a PDF unless it was corrupted, in which case I just got another (non-corrupted) copy then it worked and if I get an eReader it must be like that.

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Re: block

A pdf file can be protected by a password. Adobe Acrobat reader surely respects that. And pdf's don't contain audio, so "my e-reader should be able to play all audio formats, even the custom ones" isn't a very good requirement.

It's different with e-books. You can get them in the public library here, once you download them to your PC or tablet or e-reader, but they only can be read for 3 weeks, after that they are blocked by Adobe Digital Editions. That's why an epub isn't the same as a pdf. So "My e-reader should be able to read protected content without permission from the copyright owner" is not a realistic requirement either.

Let me repeat my question that you didn't yet answer: what is for you an 'approved' pdf and what's the difference with an 'unapproved' one?

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all PDFs not password-protected

I thought the 1st sentence from my last post would answer you. By "a list from them and partners" it's whatever they approve or disapprove; if they want to disapprove all books which protagonist is a dog (poor Lassie), it would be their choice.

I didn't know about that kind of PDF, so on the OP: s/read--all--PDFs/read--all--PDFs not password-protected/ I'm not interested in eBooks, if I find some that I like, I'll be glad but I'd be quite happy with just the former (all PDFs not password-protected).

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Re: pdf's

I'd say that any e-reader that reads pdf's can read all pdf's that are not password protected. Why do you think there are that don't?
When in doubt, ask the shop to confirm it. Then, when it doesn't, you can return it because it doesn't do what they promised.

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"some media devices had some ways to filter out media that wasn't approved, ie: a custom audio format", ie is In Example, the key word is filter and indirectly approbation.

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Did you have any intention of answering the OP? As in make recommendations fulfilling my requirements or coming close? For the latter, specifying which aspect doesn't meet the requirements.

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I think that's a great answer.

Since the OP just wanted to read PDFs and we can get tablets for as little as 30 bucks that read PDFS I think you nailed the answer.

As to DynV, the seller needs to step up their game.

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multiple criteria

There's multiple criteria in the OP.

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I see that.

The seller needs to up their game and answer your questions.

Sometimes a member comes along and expects a shopping concierge service. As this is just a discussion forum, we discuss and leave it at that. Those that were expecting a lot more from volunteers and moderators usually just need to know that all moderators are volunteers that contribute freely and as they are not paid, you can't expect them to work for you.

This means if a seller or maker isn't doing their job, you need to get back to them and tell them about it.

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