printing, which operating system are you booted into? When you have a dual boot you have to have the software and drivers installed for devices separately on each operating system, so if you only installed them on ME, the W2K won't know the printer exists until you install the drivers and software on that version windows as well.

Also...check in your My Computer/Printers folder to see how many printers are listed for ME and also check the W2K folder where printers are listed to make sure you don't have extra instances for the printer (it will be marked as Epson580(2) if there are more than one copy installed) and remove any that don't need to be there.

If need could remove ALL instances and after rebooting, the windows database might find 'new hardware' and reinstall the drivers as they may have gotten corrupt somewhere along the way.

Just remember that dual booting systems require separate installations for the same hardware......