I've worked on bunches of printers and the Epson's inkjets are present all too often on the workbench. When they work they produce great results but when they don't typical users just can't recover as well. ALL inkjets sooner or later have a clogging or poor output product and clean cycles and direct cleaning is about the only solution. For many printers other than Epson, replacing the inkcart replaces the inkjets as well. On Epson, the inkjet remain as a separate unit with separate inkwells. This procedure is the crux of the product as the inkjets remain, they're prone to ink clogs, etc.. Canon seems to make the best compromise of inkjets and inkwell(carts). If your business needs it, go with Epson, you can afford the hassle, if not then get a Canon. Of course if you have deep pockets, go Epson otherwise Canon. Or just chuck it all and get a hi-end HP.

tada -----Willy Happy