The problem with gaming on PCs:

* Keyboard and Mouse is primary way to game, so you have to like this way to game. I don't, personally.
* USB joystick controllers require manual key mapping and even then it doesn't always work properly.
* USB controllers don't work in many games
* Tricky to set up game hardware to match the game requirements... even then, you can easily end up crashing.
* The PC doesn't easily support HDMI unless you spend big bux to get a card that supports it. So, I'm stuck sitting at my desk.

The reason I go for consoles:

* Games just work.
* Controllers just work.
* Online games just work.
* I can plug it into my 1080p monitor so I can game on the couch or in bed wirelessly.
* No fumbling for surfaces for a mouse or perching a keyboard on my lap.