A key advantage for notebooks now is that you can utilize wi-fi (wireless internet) anywhere around the house or where there is a free hot spot or if you sign up for a Tmobile account at Starbucks.

So, if will use either DSL or Cable internet at home (not dial up service) I would go with the notebook.

Another advantage to using a wi-fi router (D-link, Linksys, etc) is that it provides hardware firewall protection against viruses and worms. You can hook in a desktop as well to one of these via Ethernet or with a wi-fi card but the notebook will have the wi-fi card built in already and the desktop will not (it should have ethernet but the wi-fi card will have to be added).

The only key advantage for a desktop now is that you can put a better dedicated video card into it for gaming and you can upgrade that as well (on a notebook you are essentially fixed). Also a desktop has more expansion slots (2nd hard drive, etc).

Otherwise, a notebook offers everything a desktop does and the 15.4'' widescreen is an ideal size as long as you don't travel with it extensively (in which case a 14'' LCD would be a pound or more less in weight and also not as wide).

The Dell 6000 can be ordered with a 128mb dedicated video card that will be good for gaming (you could get 256 mb dedicated on an add on card on a desktop) and you will not only have a backup for your computer (battery always protects your computer in the event of an A/C power loss) but you can run off the battery for 3.5-5 hours or more with the Dell 6000 Pentium M Centrino ........

Again, some libraries and other hotspots have free internet access -- that alone is worth getting a notebook if you will not leave it in one place only fixed.