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Elton John to 'marry' today

Dec 20, 2005 11:33AM PST

Rock star Elton John is tying the knot with longtime partner David Furnish Wednesday, in a civil union ceremony seen as a watershed in the struggle for gay rights ? and as the party of the season by celebrity-spotters.

*sigh* this sure does give new meaning to the old phrase "the **** hitting the fan"....


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What on earth are you lot saying??....I LUV Elton and
Dec 20, 2005 2:46PM PST

I reckon this is great....unfortunately some people won't agree.

I reckon it's about time people got with it and realised this is a new millenium (well - it was almost 6 years ago)...but some people seem to be a bit slow in growing with the times...

I reckon acceptance of all people and their life choices are none of our business if you can't be happy for them.

After all we are all made the same...bones, skin, hearts, lungs, born (no choice there) and die the same.

I like the color pink and don't rubbish someone else if they like the color green!!

How can this world go forth and become one when there are those that don't even try...?!

Sad really....

GO ELTON AND DAVID...a milestone sorely needed in this world that needs much more positive input....after all it is up to us to make this a more accepting world for our kids!!!

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Same Here!--Elton Rocks!(STILL)
Dec 20, 2005 3:25PM PST

I saw Elton John in 1976 at the Capitol Centre and to this day it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen!
I could care less what he does in his personal life,if it makes him happy,so be it.
My only interest in him is his music and if anyone saw "Live in Vegas" last week on CBS ,they would realize he can still rock with the best of 'em.

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do i have homosexual experience?
Dec 20, 2005 2:51PM PST

no more than your average up-hill-down-Dale-yorkshire-pudding-black-pudding scoffer.....

that was a "no" btw.....


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(NT) (NT) glad you spelled it out for it
Dec 20, 2005 9:12PM PST