Ugh, this one could be ugly, there will be a fault stored in the ECM even if it's a TCM fault. This depends on the vehicle and I honestly haven't worked on a Jeep in about 7 years. The fault i would assume would be a Transmission speed sensor out of range, or excessive slip. With the transmission fluid out of the vehicle, it is highly probable that some of the clutch packs in the transmission got hot very quickly and do not engage properly. When the Malfuntion Indicator Light comes on the vehicle may go into a *Limp Mode* which will not allow you to drive over 35mph so you can get it to a dealership. What puzzles me is the A/C freezing up, that could be pointed to a problem with *I forget if the ECM,or BCM (Body Control Module), on a Jeep regulates some of the A/C functions, but it shouldn't be freezing over(I know that's rather obvious right?) may want to turn the A/C off until you can have it checked for proper r134a(Refrigerant) levels, depending if it's single or dual zone it can be anywhere from 1.8lbs to 2.2lbs of refrigerant.