I had to think about why you don't see such things. It's likely to be how difficult it is to amass all the patent rights for all that technology to be in one device, let alone deciding how everything feature plays with each other feature.

Can you imaging that the MP3 alone could be used as a ringtone, but there's a patent on that. Or used as a music on hold feature or should MP3 play optionally while the EBook (whose idea of what that is?) is being read. The ringtones are currently a hot revenue topic so there may be no incentive to make the logical use of any MP3 you choose to be the ringtone.

The other thought I had is you don't want a phone with a low number in production. The bugs tend to be found and worked out in the million plus phones (or left in on purpose which is another discussion), but the phone you ask about is "pricey" to say the least not only due to patent fees, but no mass production can occur today on such a device.

Some can't take a phone into their workplace that records in any way such as camera or audio (which is funny about the audio part...) So the market for just one device shrinks again.

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