Yep, I worry

I love the comment, Just because I am paranoid, doesn't mean they are not after me

I used to advise people to never put in an e-mail anything they wouldn't say in a public area, like a macdonalds. If the data is sensitive, encrypt it, dont email it. Web based services are the same.

Its for public data only, sensitive stuff doesn't even stay on my laptop. And I backup everything. So how could I ever trust on-line storage

History tells us that Governments change and may later use data any way they want.

Hitler put ID cards in place so he could fix a wrecked economy and get the trains running. People accepted it, and it worked. They never saw the problem until the same card had them on a train to a relocation camp and by then it was too late.

For a public calendar, like a group of us meeting to discuss linux over curray in south Hamilton ... Cool place, we can colaborate freely... Until the MS police track us down and for us to install a service pack. ok, maybe not.

Google means public, public means not everything is suitable.

I think I'm with you on this one