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Earthlinks new protection center, Thumbs up or down?

Dec 5, 2005 8:01AM PST

I use earthlink as my isp, and just recently they revamped what they call the "protection center". It has a firewall thats compatible with windows firewall, scans for adware, spyware, and viruses [as well as other features]. It won't let you use it with other anti virus programs such as norton, [which I am paid up with until 2007. I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if earthlinks protection center is comprehensive enough to use instead of my norton program, as it would certainly be less strain on my pc, easier on me to have all in one application, and frankly I don't trust norton any more. I have a dell dimension desktop 4300, running windows XP, w/sp2, 512 MB ram, 2 internal hard drives 1 20GB, and 1 120GB, I rum seperate programs like ad aware, registy mechanic, spybot search and destroy, etc. I could use some professional advice!!!

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I got no idea what antivirus technology is in Earthlink PCC
Dec 6, 2005 1:22AM PST

You should use what you believe will help protect your system.

Let's hope Earthlink customers here will share their thoughts about the free PCC from Earthlink.

You wrote that you don't trust NAV anymore but you believe that all in one application is easier for you. There are standalone tools (free) that is easier for many user's systems too Wink and it is:
1. AVG Free
2. Spybot S&D
3. Ad-aware SE
4. Kerio Personal Firewall or Outpost Firewall or ZoneAlarm
5. MVPS Hosts File or hpHOSTS
6. SpywareBlaster
7. SpywareGuard
8. Microsoft AntiSpyware (BETA)
9. ewido security suite and/or a-squared free

The advantage only of keeping all-in-one are:
Earthlink PCC is free since you are a customer
With Earthlink PCC, you maintain all protections at one time while with the above, you are maintaining a lot but with the growing numbers of malware, one antispyware is not enough. Also, some antispyware is not detecting anymore what others can detect.
This means, if you are concerned with your computer's security, you will install and scan the system using more than 1 antispyware and run an online antivirus scan.

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Agree w/ Donna !! No All in One Is Good Enough and I ....
Dec 6, 2005 2:41PM PST

certainly wouldn't accept anything which prevents me taking additional steps to protect my computer. Many Anti-Adware/spyware companies are being extorted &/or coereced into ignoring spyware until some future time after a possible court decision declaring them (officially) spyware by some future(?) definition.
Too many are giving in to this legal pressure.
Suggest you just use smallest legit programs to minimize load.
Additionally: I fully beleive that ISPs Anti-spyware service only removes competetors spyware, not their own which they receive income from (selling your info). Devil

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Earthlink Security
Dec 11, 2005 10:10PM PST

I been with Earthlink for 7 yrs and never had any problem their service it catches the viruses and spam before it even get to me.I have also Trend-Mirco-Pc-cillin.

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Earthlink's new protection center
Dec 12, 2005 1:08AM PST

It should be noted that like most of Earthlink's software offerings, this is for PC users only--that is, Windows, not Mac or Linux. Granted, Windows users have more problems with viruses, but we all get ads and other annoying or dangerous messages (the package has a scam buster, too, I believe). It's grossly unfair, because their rates are relatively high, so people like me with Macs or Linux users are subsidizing development and distribution of software that we can't use.

Just a little grouching from a generally satisfied Earthlink user (though things were much better before Mindspring, my "true" ISP, merged with Earthlink).

I can't see that the security suite would be hazardous in any way, though. Earthlink has made a good reputation for itself.


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Earthlink New Protection Center
Dec 12, 2005 3:00AM PST

I am an Earthlink customer, also from Mindspring,and the rest of their apps are very good. I don't use their Total Access Software, and they were charging for antivirus, it was Norton I believe. I use Panda, and have paid up for 2 Years, but since it is free,I think I will try it. Panda is restrictive on which email programs they scan, and Eartlink says it works with any email.

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Earthlink PCC
Dec 12, 2005 7:27AM PST

I have been using Earthlink cable for almost 2yrs. They were using anti-spyware software until the PCC package. I believe that they are now using a Norton package. They always used Norton software for firewall and anti-virus.

I suspected that I had a keylogger on my computer but was unable to find it. I installed the Earthlink PCC and ran a scan and it found Perfect Keylogger. I ran the removal tool and it said that it removed the keylogger. I thought that I had found a useful tool until I tried to go online. My computer crashed. Would not shut down or anything else. I powered down and rebooted in safe mode and was able to reboot to an earlier configuration using system restore. (Windows XP Pro SP2). That brought the keylogger back on board. I should also say that I am using AVG Free and ZoneAlarm Free as well as various other Anti-spyware software.(AdAware, Spybot, Ewido, SpywareBlaster and Microsoft Anti-spyware). I Uninstalled ZoneAlarm, AVG and installed PCC again. Once again I ran the scan and again found the Perfect Keylogger. This time I uninstalled the PCC after cleaning the keylogger off and reinstalled my original firewall and anti-virus. This time I had no problem with shutting down or rebooting. I should also note that I had similar problems when I stopped using Norton SystemWorks and went to Trend Micro Security Suite 2005. Norton does not like anything else in the same house.


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I don't think I'm being clear with my question!
Dec 13, 2005 2:49AM PST

I'm not asking about the old earthlink offers for norton protection, or the virus blocker for earthlinks email, or any of the other old things earthlink offered! I'm looking for infromation regarding the new earthlink protection center, which has nothing to do with norton or any other security application! This is earthlinks protection control center, it's less than a month old, and only can only be installed if you disable norton, mcaffee, or any other anti-virus programs you run on your pc. I'm afraid to use it and disable norton anti virus and my other security applications unless I hear from someone who has tried the PCC, and can tell me if it is comprehensive enough to replace norton and the likes! Can someone PLEASE tell me if this new protection control center is really good enough to trust installing, and uninstalling norton, ad aware, spybot search and destroy etc. I'd really appreciate someone telling me how much I can or cannot trust this NEW stand alone application from earthlink, THE PROTECTION CONTROL CENTER 2005-2006!

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