I've been using www.godaddy.com for my web site hosting and, consequently, my POP3 hosting and they have a policy of blocking all e-mail from all domains on any black lists. This means that, assuming there is an ISP called pacific.net, then if there is a potentialcustomer@pacific.net he cannot contact me if bozo@pacific.net ever sent out any spam messages. Godaddy is adamant about refusing to alter their policy. I use www.onlymyemail.com to filter my spam, and don't need or want www.godaddy.com to help me with my spam filtering. I get several irate calls a month from clients "who can't e-mail me anymore" because their ISP happens to be on a black list somewhere. I have no choice but to find a new POP3 hosting company and change my MX records to point to them (or leave www.godaddy.com all together and get a new hosting company for my shared hosting sites too). Also, some of the best hosting sites seem to offer shared hosting on Exchange servers, but I use GoldMine as my e-mail client and GoldMine can't access IMAP servers, only POP3 servers. The frustration mounts - because it shouldn't be this hard. I feel your pain, and also laugh that I am so reliant on e-mail.