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DVD-ROM detected as CDROM by Windows XP!!! :-s

hi guyz....i have a DVDROM,but its being detected as a CDROM by windows XP ,and it dosent play DVD's,juz behaves as a normal CDROM,i.e reads only cd's! i changed my mother board a month back coz my old one wuz faulty,do u guyz think the problem is becoz of the new motherboard ?? please help me out guyz!!

My PC Config :
Processor : P4 2 Ghz.
Motherboard : Intel Desktop Board D845GVSR
40 GB HD

thanks for your time!

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Reporting: DVD-ROM detected as CDROM by Windows XP!!! :-s
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You need some....

software (PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc...)to tell Windows this is a DVD you are playing.

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thats not he problem dude!

hey...thnx for replying.but i already have all those software's installed on my that is'nt the problem.problem is windows shows it as a dvd-rom,but recognises it as a cd-rom!!!:-s..i know this is damn weird...n its really troubling me.any more suggestions ppl ?

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My recipe.

And what I use now.

1. All CD/DVD devices at their latest firmware.
2. Set to Cable Select.
3. The shiny spiffy 80 Conductor IDE cable is used.

Your choice, but I never see your issue.


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And/or. . .

Make sure the new optical drive is on it's own controller, set for master, on the end of the cable.

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damn...dosent work!!

thnx 4 replying guyz!....but none of the above solutions work!!! u think it could be hardware problem ??

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Or you need to boot SAFE MODE, remove such from...

The device manager and let Windows redetect them.

Best of luck, and remember that if it works as a DVD player then you may be trying to fix something that doesn't need fixing.


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not workin bro!

hi...thnx 4 replying.i've tried tht one as well,still cant read dvds.btw,its not a problem of playing dvd's as i had mentioned earlier,i cant read even the files on the dvd,i got a chance 2day 2 check with another pc,and it works fine on tht one!!!!...what am i doing wrong ??!!!

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read dvd

What exactly do you mean when you said "i cant read even the files on the dvd"?
Do you simply want to see what files are on the disk?

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Can't read DVD, ME TOO

I have followed this thread with interest and have tried all the suggestions.
My NU dvd RW will not recognise a dvd. I get a "no media" notice, or a "no disk in drive"

I might add it worked great before SP 2.

Sumpn aint rite !!

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Can't read DVD, ME TOO

Gramps23, sounds as if your problem is different than this. I would suggest that you post this in PC Hardware or WinXP forum. More will see it if you create a new post.
Best of Luck

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Your words are too few.

DVDs of the movie kind are not supposed to be "read". Some get hung up on this oddity.


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i give up!

guyz thanx for ur help.....but i havent beem able to get my dvd-rom 2 work.tried alsmot everything i could do with it,still it dosent budge.....
i juz wanna know one thing...the mother-board detects the dvd-rom,but i'm not able to play dvd's on it,so whats worrying me is if i'm finally able 2 save enough money 2 buy a new dvd-writer and it dosent work.i juz want to know if therez a possibility tht something could be wrong with the motherboard ? i have an INTEL DESKTOP D845GVSR..

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I just so happen to have an 845 based board.

Works fine.

Sadly your posts omit all the needed information. You write in your last post "i'm not able to play dvd's" but not a word about the software used or any error message.

I don't see how you can be helped as long as you leave out the details.


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i'm sorry if i had'nt mentioned

hi...i hav win dvd installed as well as power dvd and windows media player 10.but as i said earlier the pc dosent detect a dvd-rom in the the way does a dvd-rom need a 80 conductor ide cable or a 40 conductor.

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80 on primary and

40 conductor is fine for most if not all CD/DVD drives.

It's technically inaccurate that the PC should detect a video DVDROM in the drive.. These things are COPY PROTECTED and don't play by the normal rules.

I'm sorry but your posts are just too light in details. While you not power dvd, you didn't note the version. And while you note WMP 10, that's not a DVD player until you install some DVD player software and even then is usually not a viable DVD player.

I wish you the best of luck, but with your penchant for no details I bet you end up at some repair shop.


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It is not a big problem

I also have this problem,by restarting the computer it can be slove

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do you have XP SP2 installed?

if so, jump on the wagon and join those who have lost hardware to sp2 Sad


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I don't remember Reading where you installed the Drivers for the DVD-RW. if it is a DVD+ and you are using - DVD's then it is not have given us not information about what you are doing. I have both CD-RW and a DVD+-RW and they had no problems with SP-2. So Rule that out.. you can't use power DVD or other programs to use as drivers. you must use the ones for the DVD RW that you have.. you should have the disc that come with the Writer. if not go to the WEB site for the Writer you have and download the driver. XP or other programs only load a basic CD driver...

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