A little off topic, but analog capture cards are now pretty much all the same "quality" as far as the capture of the analog signal. The 49 dollar Haupaugge PCI TV card has a record feature and if you want stereo, that's done with the sound card, so this mono-TV recorder is still great to capture that video.

BEWARE that commercial tapes have copy protection and may give an odd result (hint: Macrovision) but worth a try if you must. I won't write any more than you could spend 10x that price and see no improvement in capture quality.

You don't use such directly with your existing DVD recorder except to load that captured video into the software that came with the DVD recorder, edit it a little and then record the DVD. Figure on average 6 hours or so for each hour of tape you need to put on DVD. At least not all that time you need to watch over your PC.