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DVD readers and DVD+R's

Yeah, so I had this brilliant idea, that I could buy some DVD+R cds, give them to my friend, have him burn the CD's with data, give them back to me, and my harddrive would be empty, and i would have all these nice DVD's with info on them...
APPARENTLY my drive sucks... As far as i can tell, no DVD-roms can read DVD+Rs, and i have one of the only DVD-roms that cant even read DVD-Rs. (Drive is a MT1316B BDV212B ver 0.36)
#1-Could updating the firmware possibly fix this? Can anything fix this?
#2-Does anyone know of a really really really cheap drive that can read DVD+Rs?

HELP ME! Thanks in advance.

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Re:DVD readers and DVD+R's. FOUR posts? Should all be read?

Take a moment to consider you posted FOUR times. It detracts from the discussion as I wonder why you did that or that some information is in the other posts that may reveal what the issue is.

But let me comment about the DVD+R that were made for you. I could make some DVD+R that you couldn't read without matching software. Examples abound, but what's important is that the person that makes the DATA DVD do so in a neutral format and that the session be

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FOUR posts? Not my fault

I only clicked

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My post was truncated too.

The session on the DVD/CD should be closed as well to assure best compatibility. I will NOT debate this since that would be a debate.

The forum has flaws that will make communication difficult and I will have to not supply any web link until the forum works again. Instead I will write that YOU will have to use www google com and will supply you hints on how to use the search.

You did search for a firmware update?

If not, why not?


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Re:DVD readers and DVD+R's

I have found that DVD-R disks work in most DVD readers.

They Pioneer A06/106 DVD drive which supports both + and - formats may be something you want to buy, it sells for $149 or less at some places and can burn either format.

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Re:Re:DVD readers and DVD+R's

I need a DVD-rom, not a DVD-player for a tv... My TV is a 9

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Truncating posts.

This forum software is eating everyone's words.


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Haha, so i just found out

Yeah, I replied to the other string of posts that I somehow started... but it never showed up... go figure. I dunno. Thats why I said I should just give up...

However, on a positive note, my tiny lil dvd player will read DVD+Rs, or at least the ones I stuck in there, i guess im gonna go with that, but i still got 8 useless DVDs thanks to my archaic DVD-rom drive...

Anyone wanna buy 8 DVDs full of anime avis? Happy

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"Anyone wanna buy 8 DVDs full of anime avis?"

I wonder; Could this be a format/codec issue?

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Re:Re:Re:DVD readers and DVD+R's

The Pioneer I mentioned is for your computer and can burn both + and minus, so it can read anything you receive as well.

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Toshiba laptops, web page versus retail purchases

When a Toshiba laptop on their web site has identical or nearly identical specs as one sold at retail, what are advantages/disadvantages of retail versus web page purchase?

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Toshiba Laptop


I have a Retail brought Toshiba laptop. So far I have no issues with it. I did have to remove the Norton 360 Trial For my own security programs.

On the Toshiba website you can customize a laptop. The retail, it is more of a what you see is what you get.

As for retail, You can get the laptop now. Web purchase you may have to want for a few days.

If you were looking at the same laptop with the same specs at both places. Then there are no difference between them. You just get the retail home faster then the Web purchase.


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