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DVD burning

What's the best software for this? Now for the real question I came to ask, is any of this freeware? How about something I can use just once as a trial?

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Reporting: DVD burning
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(NT) (NT) What type of DVDs do you want to burn?
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Anything really

I'm working on an avi file right now and got through it without a hitch once before. Roxio is what I'm using now but claims Windows 98 can't handle the DVD Builder. Even if I can't find freeware, I would at least like to try one as an alternate to Roxio.

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Alternate to Roxio

DVD Santa is what I've found that works for me when converting AVI's to DVD.So as to be able to watch on TV

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dvd burning advice

Hi guys and girls Happy

Is there any program that shrinks decrypts and burns in 1 click?

im aware of 1 click copy dvd, any others? pls help! if possible reply to

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How about these...
Easy DVD Clone and CloneDVD are two highly-rated programs available through Cnet's own and appear to be capable of doing just as you ask. Just note that if the DVDs are copy-protected it may not be possible (legally) to duplicate them for your own personal use.

Hope this helps,

P.S. It's not wise to include your e-mail address in the open, as spammers will 'harvest' it and fill your inbox. It's better to write me[at]domain(dot)com, or better yet use the E-mail Member function available in your Cnet profile, which is completely anonymous. If you want your e-mail address removed from your post, just ask.
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decrypt and shrink and burn

DVD Decrypter is amazing... not only decrypts but burns... DVD Shrink literally shrinks down files that come out to be too big for a 4.7 gb dvd-/+r/rw's to fit on them by putting out either a the dvd files or iso's, both of which decrypter can burn. Also Sony's DVD Architect is awesome for creating your own menu and what not and then renders the whole thing into the dvd files.

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Please help with a little walkthrough

I tend to get very tentative when it comes to using new programs, especially when I only have one DVD-R at my disposal. DVD Decrypter doesn't support the avi file, but I'm sure there's a way around that. I have Shrink ready to download if needed. Thanks a ton for any further help you can provide.

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DVD help, if Hoss isn't here

Is DVD Decrypter all I need to perform the tasks Hoss listed or do I also need DVD Shrink? Again, any info is greatly appreciated.

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DVD burn programs

I don't usually bump messages on any kind of forum, but since I downloaded DVD Decrypter and Shrink I went from 0 to almost 300 critical Ad-Aware objects, which froze when I tried deleting them, and had 57 problems Spybot couldn't even fix.

In other words, I am having a very tough time. Is anyone here familiar with these programs? I definitely need help and would be very grateful if I could get a step-by-step lesson on how to decrypt and shrink so I can burn. Thanks in advance.

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Very very odd.

The only time I ran into that was when the person got the programs off KAZAA or such. I write odd since these programs are free and best obtained from their home web sites.

YES, there is some "hacked" versions out there but only on the unusual P2P webs.


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Culprit known then

I didn't get DVD Shrink from its home site. There was something on the mirror which even requested you use that said it was unavailable, so I grabbed it from a different site. I figured as much since that was the last program I installed before everything went haywire.

I don't trust any P2P programs simply because you're trusting not only one but numerous unknown sources. I don't have to worry in this case since Decrypter and Shrink are both freeware.

Can you help me out here? My basic question is how do you decrypt and shrink files? Burning is usually self explanatory, but since my avi wasn't recognized by Decryptor I ran into problems immediately.

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Take no offense.

But I can't offer any tutorial for a simple reason. It's already out there on the web.


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None taken

I asked the question here and a reply suggested combining the two programs, so I simply asked about them. Aside from that, a normal search would've been pretty useless considering the dozens of similar programs.

If those specific ones are commonly used to do projects like this and a simple Google takes care of everything, I'll search away. My only wish was that the answers were spoken clearly and virusless in the programs themselves, lol.

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In a nutshell.

DVDSHRINK can duplicate a DVD with ease.

DVDDECRYPTER can do a few other tricks (documented out there) but I use it for the DVD Camcorder to fetch the video off the DVD.

I would be hard pressed to write a tutorial on this easy to use software, but some want step-by-step picture books before they try it. In these forums we just have small boxes to put a few paragraphs in.


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tutorials parabraves

go to any search engine that u have & type in what u want lots might pop up but you will find what u are looking for EXAMPLE..just type..DVD SHRINK TUTORIAL

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Current progress

I'm using a program called VirtualDub along with various codecs to try to right this problem. I don't know if this is all more trouble than it's worth, but at least I'm learning quite a bit if anything.

BTW, everyone's right. Decrypter and Shrink had nothing to do with the crash the other night. I did indeed figure out what was wrong, and have re-downloaded those programs without a single object or problem showing on my scans.

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I have installed decrypter & shrink with no problems

I have not come away with 'any' spyware from these 2 apps and have installed them on 4 different machines...
if you have Nero installed shrink will recognize that and incorporate it into it's burning proccess.
I have never had to use decrypter, shrink does it all for you. there is some good info at this link...

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Thanks baddog

I was under the impression I had to use Decryptor to perform a certain action before using Shrink. I don't know where all the malware came from, but there was a ton of it. Once I get this redownloaded I'll try it out.

Bob- No pictures needed. A step or two in the right direction is all I really need. I have found tutorials and baddog provided one I'll check out.

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DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink will decrypt, shrink and burn most DVD's. You will need to use DVD Decrypter for a special few with better encryption. If during analysis the progress bar stops at the same place everytime then you found such a DVD (Resident Evil) With Nero you can rip and burn in one step from DVD Shrink. Without you will rip to your hard drive and then burn the ripped file to a DVD. When needing DVD Decrypter you will decrypt to your HD and burn using DVD Shrink. Clear as mud?

Contrary to a latter post I don't believe Sony or any reputable DVD maker will include software to copy a DVD (ie pirate...oh I mean make a copy from your personal library). Do you think?

Both software is freeware. Nero may not be. I did not have any problems with spyware. Go to the original site as suggested. There are other sites with tutorials as Bob pointed out. Do the research.

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Spyware in DVD copy software.

I don't use Shrink but I can tell you that DVD Decryptor is not the source of your spyware problems.


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Hello Their parabraves

Go to www/ They have tutorials & lots more.Best DVD's, Best Programs, Keep u notified on updates....Lots & Lots
As far as ads or spyware with DeCrypter & DVD Shrink...There is none you must have done something else to create this problem...I've been using these Programs since they came out..I'm constantly Downloading upgrades..and yet to have either Program infect my Computer in any way..Believe me when I tell u You've got other problems

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Have both & no problems

I have both & have never had a problem like yours. Sorry maybe its something else.

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DVD Burn and AD- Aware

DVD Decrypter And Shrink work very well. One very important note to follow when using any ADWARE removal tools. First, be sure to update all spyware files. Second, Restart system, and press F8 While restarting. This allows you the option to choose safe mode. Run your spyware Programs, one after the other in safe mode, you will be amazed by the results. Safe mode is the diagnostic mode of windows and dose'nt allow other programs to fully start. This way you wont have any freeze-ups.

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freeware dvd burners

dvd rip and burn coupled with dvd shrink, by a country mile

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DVD Burning, Copying or Editing?

Parabraves, what software to use really, really depends on what you want to do with it.

Overall, DVD Decrypter ( is the best when it comes to burning DVDs, period. Flat out. No question. DVD Decrypter, though,m requires that you have already processed the materiel into DVD format, and then into an ISO for writing. Most commercial DVD software will do this for you, if you tell it nicely.

Most DVD burners come with software to do this for you as well - Pioneer supplies Ulead's Video Workshop SE, NEC supplies MyDVD Studio, etc. Check the software that came with your DVD burner - you might be suprised!

In terms of freeware, without a authoring solution (program to change your AVI files, prerecorded video, etc into DVD MPG-2 format and organize them in a way that the DVD player will understand) you're going to have to get down & dirty with the format of a DVD, and it's not a pretty sight. Your AVI file needs to be converted to MPEG-2 in a certain format, and associated with other files in a VIDEO_TS foler, then burned onto the DVD. The format for the file is called VOB, and it's restricted to a certain length (1GB MAX size). In addition, script files (IFO files) need to be written as well to tell the player how to play the VOBs. As I said, not pretty. has tutorials on how to do this - you might want to look them up.

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Another site...

to try for tutorials and help is They also have a large library of video tools, lots of them free.

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Burning, johndmes

My goal was the not so pretty one, and you're right, it wasn't so pretty once I got to it. I ended up on a DVD Shrink forum and came out with VirtualDub, an alpha rip of the Divx 3.11 codec and another program that was giving me trouble. When I noticed VirtualDub was going to take hours to simply convert the file, I stopped.

The software that came with my burner was an ancient Roxio program. That worked nicely once, but can't shrink files and gives me an unusual amount of errors that prompted me to give up a movie that DID fit on the DVD-R.

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DVD Burning

What's freeware AIN'T nothing free anymore!!! use NERO the best u can try for free HA HA HA..Works great,a lot of other programs incorperate Nero as there burner.It is quite reliable

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Free way to burn DVDs

Download trial version of DVD Santa. When using DVD Santa add a short video say 80 seconds then add your file (avi, wmv etc.). Creating DVD will be in real time. Eg. 2 hr movie will take 2hrs to create. Once created dont burn with Dvd Santa. Use DVD Shrink (its Free). Re author to remove 80 second video & then burn. All this was free. Works for me. Have fun.

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Will this take a Mpeg file and convert to NTSC for burning?

I am very ignorant about burning to a DVD. Have been looking for software to burn some mpeg files to a DVD for viewing on our family DVD players in home. Realize I have to use the NTSC format here in USA but am stumped by some of the jargon and suggestions some software is making. Non come out and say they will burn mpegs to DVD. Am I missing something here? Would appreciate some wisdom to ehlp guide me before I spend any of my limited income. Thanks. Del

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