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Dv6000 won't power on after MB swap.

I lost sound, touchpad/click control, and one USB port on the left side, as well as my ability to turn on or off the laptop with the power button (it would no longer light up, either), but I could still run the laptop if I used the Quickplay buttons, and restarted with f12 to let it boot on it's own. Then it would go into Windows and work fine (except the above-mentioned problems).

So, like any sensible computer tech, I replaced the motherboard. Unfortunately, now I cannot get it to power on at all. I have quadruple checked the connections and tried 3 different motherboards that I knew to previously work, including the one that had the failure but would still boot. So, I know I'm missing something really stupid but what?

There is an LED on the motherboard on the opposite side of where the power comes in, and that lights up as it should. Without a battery, the charging light, as it should, turns off.

I have also replaced the speaker bar that contains the various power on methods, the touchpad assembly, and because I had a spare, I even replaced the PC board that the power plug enters at. Oh, and I replaced the keyboard. The goal was to replace everything, and all that's left are the ram sticks (both wouldn't fail at the same time) and the harddrive. However, the computer would have still turned on with none of those connected, which I tried.

So, I've replaced everything necessary and tried 3 different motherboards (plus the new one) but I still cannot make it power on. Ideas?

Incidentally, everything worked fine until I CAREFULLY disassembled it to fix this problem. Tell me what else you need to know to troubleshoot this. Thank you.

I have performed 4 previous and successful motherboard swaps on this laptop, a successful upgrade (and then later downgraded) to a DV9000 mb, as well as built several of my own computers and was a computer tech for hardware and software for a few years, so my skill isn't an issue.

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Reporting: Dv6000 won't power on after MB swap.
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(NT) What voltage are you reading at the power jack?
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Full battery.

I didn't check that, but everything worked fine (within reason) until I took the thing apart this last time. Further, the battery had a full charge and that hasn't done the trick. Thanks, though. I didn't think of that.

The fact that 3 motherboards, including the one that previously would work, all have the same problem is really strange. That's why I replaced the pc board that the DC plug goes in at in addition. I'm seriously at a loss here. Could it be that I'm missing a screw somewhere and it completes a grounding that is absolutely essential? I have been extremely thorough and have no left over screws or empty holes.

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It's something I always measure.

I use a Volt meter. Given the dv6000/9000 fiasco and what happened I see no reason to expect these to last too long. I've seen piles of them getting crushed (err, recycled.)

There was no known secret electrical path but the disaster zone is well known.

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Subject goes here.

I'll try another pack that I've got and see. Thanks. And what was the disaster you're talking about? I've heard of people having problems with the DV, but have never had issues until now.

Any other ideas? How on Earth could 3 motherboards (including the one that previously worked) all not work? What is more likely is that I am missing a plug or screw somewhere.

Does anyone know if it is even possible that the laptop uses a chassis ground to deliver the grounding like old Ford trucks used to? Some of those would have a positive cable and blinkers that would screw into the frame. They didn't need to run a second wire, since the chassis is negative. I refuse to accept that all 3 motherboards, including the newly purchase one and two that I know to work, all broke at the same time. There has got to be a logical explanation to this.

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Google dv6000 and I find the disaster story. The problems are built into this line and as time passes they should fail. It's built into the design.

There are some that haven't heard or read and a select few that don't believe it. The first group is easy to show the issues to. The second group are best treated with kind words and nods but you have to part with them as it's a waste of time.

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I guess I fall into the first catagory

I haven't heard of it, but I've heard that this line has some problems. However, you'd think that if my laptop was such a lemon, it wouldn't have lasted almost 5 years.

In addition, I have put hundreds (more?) of hours onto this thing and I swear it's bomb proof.

I used it for navigation at work for 3 years, and left it running with various mapping programs all day, every day. Also, because of where I work and what I do, I can't tell you how many times I dropped heavy stuff on it, it fell onto the floor, out of my f250, etc. Sat on it, had it shut down from overheating because it's 115 in the southern Arizona desert for 3 months each year. I do love my laptop haha.

That aside, disaster or not, do you have any other ideas on why I can't power it on? I tried my other power pack and it didn't work. Ive changed the MB, power pack, the pc board that the pack plugs in to, and speaker bar.

The laptop will work if you put one screw in the front right corner, plug in the monitor, and connect the speaker bar but nothing works. All 3 motherboards? Come on, something has to be up.

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That's a fine clue.

"The laptop will work if you put one screw in the front right corner, plug in the monitor, and"

That makes me think of the lead free solder problems. That's another problem of today's lead free move. You can research that but the cure is not an easy one as we reflow solder chip by chip and hope we fix it. Yes you can take it under about an 80 power scope and inspect every square milimeter but the time invested is not possible when in a shop setting.

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean my laptop works fine if you put one screw on the front right corner, what I meant was that a DV6000 will power on with just one screw in the front right corner, the left-most ribbon cable connected to the power button, the monitor plugged in, and the power pack in.

Do you know if that far left ribbon cable controls the power button, a usb port, the speakers, and the touchpad? The other USB ports work just fine, and you could still plug in headphones with success.

All failed at the exact same time, which prompted this latest motherboard swap. For a time, I could still power on the laptop with the quickplay buttons, but once I took the whole thing apart for the swap, after reassembly, nothing worked.

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The hundreds of dv6000/9000 models we've seen has me chuck the board out and get another. I can guess that those outside the service industry would hold out hope.

Good luck in your trials,

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3 motherboards

I was a computer tech with hardware and software for a few years and have built several of my own computers, including a few laptops. So I don't consider myself your 'average Joe', reformat-if-it's-not-working, computer guy.

That aside, as stated, I've tried 3 different previously working motherboards, including the one that worked until I took it out to replace with the new one.

There has to be something silly that I'm missing.

4 total motherboards, new keyboard, ribbon cables, power pack, power button, power input PC board. As well, I have been PAINFULLY careful to make sure I am not missing any plugs, and you only need to put one screw down by the card slot in order for it to fire up. Just the one screw, the two power connectors, the monitor plug, and the ribbon cable into the left most jack on the speaker bar.

This is no different than if I bought a new computer and it still didn't work. It logically does not make any sense.

Batter charging light lights up on all 4 motherboards.

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No magic to share here.

I'm just an electronics designer that knows this model too well.

Let's say you want to check these boards out. Take a working dv6000 and put a board in. What happens?

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Working board

I used 3 and one that was brand new. In this case, nothing happens. This logically makes no sense, so it's got to be something silly.

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Worth noting.

Hopefully this image will show you something:

The dv6000 uses a chip with exposed core. If a tech or owner powers up the board without the heat sink properly in place the chips that have this exposed core fry quickly.

Since this chip is not socketed you find that the board is lost because most don't have the tech tools to change these chips. This still is not a good idea given the dv6000 problems.

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