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dv1000 (weaned from other thread)

After some time on HPShopping and mix & matching I came up with a system that should meet my needs. After it's all said & done this isn't much more than a few bucks over what I would have paid (after tax) at Best Buy for a Gateway that was being discussed. And has more of what I want & less of what I don't need.

Operating System: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Professional with SP2
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M Processor 725 (1.6 GHz)
Display: 14.0" WXGA BrightView Widescreen (1280x768)
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Extreme Graphics designed for Pentium(R)
Memory: 512MB DDR SDRAM (2x256MB)
Hard Drive: 40 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive
Primary CD/DVD Drive FREE Upgrade from DVD to DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive!!
Networking: Intel(R) Pro/Wireless 2200 802.11BG WLAN
Productivity Software: Microsoft(R) Works/Money
Primary Battery: 12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
Accessories: HP Mobile Remote Control

The firewire, S-video and mainly the xD card reader were big sell points for me.

As listed it comes to $1214
I don't think I'll be missing anything by going w/out the Bluetooth option

I wonder if they can configure it with 1x516 memory.

I think what sold me on this was a review here:

Any comments, opinions and/or suggestions are more than welcome before I click the "purchase" button...

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Too late!

In reply to: dv1000 (weaned from other thread)

I just got off the phone with and ordered the above configuration. They're offering a Deskjet 3847 for "free" ($80 - $30 instant and a $50 mail-in rebate on it).

In the end the above config with the 3847 after all rebates came to $1163. Less than the Gateway +tax and more of what I need!

Thanks to Ken for mentioning & re-mentioning (which I now recommend as well). And, of course for all his knowledge!

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Make sure you join

In reply to: Too late!

The key is join to see what other users are doing and experiencing on your notebook.

I value my purchase of my Compaq X1000 as I have the similar (run by the same people --and over 10,000 registered users on my board).

I would have had tried to get 512mb RAM 1 stick so you could add more later but 512mb is probably all you will need if you aren't doing high end stuff. Check the RAM slot under the notebook though and if it is empty you have 512mb 1 slot in the RAM slot under the keyboard ! (I found this out on my Compaq X1000 so I did go to 1mb for only $69.99 more after rebate).

Also, a 5400rpm hard drive would have given you up to 50% better seek time versus a 4200rpm but I have a 4200rpm and also you can upgrade your hard drive later if you really want to.

Finally, remember to search for a higher rebate than the one posted on the order screen ($50 probably) on the mail in rebates link at the home page of -- if you find an unexpired one that allows $100 off for any configure to order hp notebook you can use that (and send in UPC code).

You have 30 days to return the notebook (and hp pays for the return shipping) for any reason at hpshopping. However, once you submit the UPC code (rebate) you can't return it. You have 45 days (to postmark) after purchase for the rebate usually so wait at least 3-4 weeks to test your your notebook before submitting the rebate

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Hard drive . . .

In reply to: Make sure you join

I agree with Ken that an upgrade would have been in order on the hard drive (if it was available, HP has been not offering, then offering the option as their supply waxes and wanes), because of the performance improvement.

But in that situation I would almost surely use the opportunity to upgrade to a 7200 rpm drive, which HP does not offer.

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Cost vs Usage

In reply to: Hard drive . . .

I thought about the HD upgrade but for the extra money it didn't really justify my immediate needs which are basicaly to "stay in the loop" while on the road. If somewhere down the line I feel the need for the upgrade I'll drop in a faster drive. Same reason why I stayed at the 40G. Didn't really have too much of a need for more storage at this point. Sometime over the next 6 months my need for a laptop will diminish somewhat so the cost effectiveness is a big factor.

My original plan was just some $600 or $700 basic box for online use in the hotels but with some of the deals that I've come across from this forum I figured why not move up a bit.

I just went back to their site config & of course now that I've ordered it they've expanded the options to include a 60G 5400 RPM drive and 1x512 mem...

When I ordered it the only 5400 drive was an 80G & 1x512 (strangely enough) wasn't an option. 10 minutes was spent in conversation regarding the lack of those two options...

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5400rpm up to 50% faster seek time but 4200rpm is ok for now

In reply to: Cost vs Usage

I have a 4200rpm hard drive and that is fine for many users (and in many cases more quiet) but the 5400rpm hard drive option (especially for only $25 more on the 80gb 5400 versus 80gb 4200 models at hpshopping) is a great value and can increase your notebook performance more than a RAM upgrade or even cpu upgrade.

But don't worry too much if you already have it and you can always add your own hard drive (even a screaming fast 7200rpm Hitachi 60gb hard drive) later if you want.

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more rebate

In reply to: Make sure you join

Do you know where can I find more rebate (e.g. $100 instead on $50)?


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HPshopping rebates/discounts

In reply to: more rebate

if you go to the home page scroll down to the lower left of the screen and find the mail in rebates link -- from here you specify HP or Compaq notebooks (check both) -- then you will see a list of all current unexpired rebate offers. If you find one in there that is not expired for $100 off any configure to order notebook that means you can order any custom order HP/Compaq (one rebate for each company brand) at hpshopping and use that instread of the lower rebate posted on the order screen.

I got a $100 rebate and I know for a fact that there was a rebate posted through 12/1/04 that was valid but check for yourself to see if they updated it past that time (they extended it to 12/04 from an earlier expiration date at least once).

You can download and print the PDF file right on hpshopping (Adobe Acrobat).

You have only 1 UPC code so you can only send in 1 rebate.

See to discover all the other discounts you can get ordering custom -- Fatcash 3% portal, 6% college student APP, 12% qualified employer discount EPP, etc

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Par for the course

In reply to: Make sure you join

Sooo... w/ the config that I had ordered having newer available options the next day (1x512 & 60G 5400RPM HD) I called back and asked about the $50 credit the kid said he would give because of the unavailable memory option. They couldn't comment because the kid wasn't supposed to do that and was unable to actually do that. "A supervisor will call you back today or early tomorrow". OK. Never called.

Today I get an email saying my order was cancelled! I called - they tell me I called and cancelled it (somehow derived from my earlier inquiry).

The $50 instant rebate no longer applies but he did find a 10% discount coupon for it. Long story short - my NEW order will have the 1x512 stick and a 60G 5400 RPM drive for just about the same price with an "expedite" tag on the order.

What a week. It's all gone like that except this a bit of sunshine in the overall scheme of things.

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5400rpm hard drive -- coupon codes -- return policies

In reply to: Par for the course

All right, the 5400rpm hard drives are back on the hpshopping HPZT3000/Compaq X1000 order screens. Otherwise, a 4200rpm hard drive pales to the Hitachi 7200rpm option on the Dell 8600 (although many order a cheap 4200rpm hard drive and put a Hitachi into the HP/Compaq themselves.

Note that a 5400rpm hard drive is up to 50% faster in seek time versus a 4200rpm hard drive so for the little cost difference you will appreciate that. The 7200rpm hard drive is only 20% faster above that so that is not as big a reason to hold out for that unless you must have the 'freshest and fastest'.
Someone just posted today about an HP newsletter you can sign up for that got him a 10% coupon code ...keep tabs also on or, or for short term coupon codes like these.

Note: you have a 30 day return policy at hpshopping (return shipping paid by them) so if you can't resolve a pricing dispute (or have an LCD with a bad pixel or you chose the wrong LCD resolution or want a different specification) you can return it and reorder if that is the last resort (within the 30 days only).

That is an option you don't have at retail except for Costco which you can also order HP/Compaq and Dell through custom order at

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In reply to: Par for the course

Just opened the box up on this new toy and plugged it in.

Question: How long does a new 12 cell for this take to fully charge up and do I remember right in that I should charge it full, drain it full, then charge again and be on my way with it?

Any other little things to know about my first laptop (while I read the docs)?

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Lithium batteries don't have memory issue

In reply to: Yippee!

Lithium batteries do not have a 'memory' effect like past ni-cad batteries.

So, you should just charge it fully before using it the first time and then you should be fine.

I would probably try to discharge it and recharge it at least once a week but otherwise you shouldn't have to worry about it much.

Note that on HP/Compaq units in many cases (it is the case for my Compaq X1000/HPZT3000) the A/C adaptor gets very hot when you are BOTH charging the battery and using the notebook.

Therefore, try to charge the notebook battery when possible with the power off to the computer or at the very least have the A/C brick well ventilated and on a hard surface when doing both (not buried in the carpet or with the cords crimped).

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That's what I knew about lithiums

In reply to: Lithium batteries don't have memory issue

That's what I thought about the lithiums - no mem.

Perhaps I'm thinking of a calibration procedure in the power management functions of XP. I know there was something I was suppossed to do with the batt when I first got it. I'll have to re-check the dv1000forum (where I read whatever it was) again later on after I get some sleep.

I like that added angle of the 12 cell batt. Gives it more of a desktop-keyboard feel to it.

Love dem blue lites!

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In reply to: That's what I knew about lithiums

If you don't think you are getting the maximum battery power you should be getting out of the gate there is a battery recalibration program you can run but I did not have the need to do this.

Yes, ask about this at

This can be necessary if you had a battery die and you are trying to install a replacement,etc but hopefully starting off fresh you should be fine given that the battery itself is not defective and you fully charge it before using it for the first time.

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In reply to: Battery

I looked at the post I had mentioned and I guess it doesn't apply to me. It was more about how the power function reads the batt. My meters were right on and every thing looked OK.

I know one thing - this 12 cell gives a nice angle to the unit and lasts a long time. I haven't been loading it with DVD or much of anything other than setting it up and playing around with it; web stuff thru my wi-fi connection, camera card readings & burning a couple of CDs. I'm recharging it now after wanting to see how it functioned at "low" & less batt.

I'm pleased with how long it lasted & I think I'm going to be very happy with this toy. And, once again, I dig dem blue lites!

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Some salt in cup of tea

In reply to: dv1000 (weaned from other thread)

According to Reviews in PC World and other respectable magazines dv1000 series is perfect except:
1. Not sturdy enough (press top of pc and you will see your finger prints on screen)
2. Noticable glare for BrightView screen.
3. Unusually narrow vertical angle of viewing- !!!
On 1/9/2005 I was in Best Buy and Circuit City - both have dv1040 (brother of yours) and I checked it - 1,2,3 are ALL TRUE.

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In reply to: Some salt in cup of tea

Yes, those points are all valid and that is why I have a Compaq X1000/HPZT3000 which has a metal bezel surrounding the 15.4" LCD, an aluminum lid for even more stability and you don't get the fingerprint issue from the rear with the aluminum lid.

But the Compaq X1000/HPZT3000 weighs 6.5 pounds and doesn't have the remote or instant on DVD/CD so for those features you get a 5.3 pound weight but no dedicated video and less structural stability

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one 512

In reply to: dv1000 (weaned from other thread)

one 512MB is a configuration option as is one 1GB also.

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Changes with the weather

In reply to: one 512

HPShopping seems to change their offerings every other day. As my later post stated, the next day the 1x512 was available. Same with the 60G 5400rpm HD offerings. They weren't at the time of my original order.

Now they offer a free 6 cell batt with the 6 cell option!

It's an interesting site as far as the ever changing offerings for user configurations.

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hpshopping flucutations

In reply to: Changes with the weather

Yes, and you should also constantly compare sister HP/Compaq models for the best pricing also as they are fluctuating as well.

However, the HPDV1000 has the remote control wheras the Compaq V2000 does not have the remote control so there is a tangible difference although the computers themselves are the same chassis.

The HPZT3000/Compaq X1000 I have, on the other hand, did not have any significant difference other than case appearance so it is prudent to compare both. These 2 models were just pulled and it has been announced a new Sonoma HPZT4000 and related Compaq model should appear very soon.

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