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Durn it, just found out Defying Gravity

not only will not show it's second season on ABC, but won't even show all the shows "canned".

Strange show, but my wife and I were actually intrigued by it, now it's busted and all the mystery just lost tangles of plot lines.


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Maybe will show up here.
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(NT) Did read the unshown shows wouls be on HULU.
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Never heard of it...

which might be part of the problem. It looks like it was interesting, but maybe word didn't get out about the show.

Maybe I'll check it out on HULU.

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seems the Canadians saw it all
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(NT) Gee, maybe there are some benefits to living here. RTB
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While curious about any shows

I may not have seen, it's also a bit of what's the point?

I mean, what's the difference if I see 10 shows or 13 shows if it's still cancelled with everything hanging.

We were beginning to get hooked on it. Too bad for us it didn't make the cut I guess.


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I tried to watch it on BBC tv, but couldn't take it.

There was nothing about the show I liked, from the, "all characters have either psychological problems" or are "hiding some personal secrets", or both, to the continuous flashbacks to "how did they get here" stories, to the magical gravity the spaceship has, to the 'lack of time delay' as the ship travelled further away from Earth towards Venus with communication between ship and Earth control.

Sorry, I was starting on a rant there. Happy

And why did they have to leave two astronauts behind to die on Mars, just because of a dust storm? The atmosphere on Mars is so thin and the dust so feeble, the storms are as strong as cigarette smoke.

Oops. Off again!


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Not sure about that...

From what I've heard dust storms on Mars are no laughing matter.

I note that the show has been described as "Gray's Anatomy in sopace". Since I can't hardly stand Gray's Anatomy (my wife watches it) that doesn't recommend it to me.

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I'm no expert, but as far as I know

the Mars atmosphere is so weak it barely exists. It's poisonous anyway of course, but even if an astronaut did take his helmet off there and hold his breath, his blood would boil from the almost vacuum like lack of air. An atmosphere that weak can't support large grains, even with Mars' low gravity, (1/3 gravity compared to Earth's), because the air is not strong enough to move anything larger than dust.

But I'm prepared to be wrong.

However..... Happy

So an expedition goes to Mars, fully equipped to survive there apparently for, (a few months) at least. They either, don't make their spacecraft strong enough to withstand the dust storms, or they have no weather stations, (Mars Orbiter, Mars Reconnaissance, etc), that can tell when a dust storm is building, or both, and so just before they have to lift off, they send an expedition out into the (wherever) which cannot then get back in time. I think we could do better, even now.

By the way Ed, have you been following the building of the ISS? I'm really looking forward to one of the last Shuttle expeditions to the station. It delivers the seven-windowed Cupola module, which should be fantastic. It will allow the astronauts 360 degree views of Earth.


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Of course, I haven't seen theh episode...

TV almost always gets the science wrong.

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Grey's Anatomy never interested me

I didn't hear that description of the show till I was following links on it's cancellation and an interview or two with the writer.

Part of the problem possibly was very poor promotion by ABC. Or then, maybe it was just the show and it just struck a resonance with me and my wife.

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Actually the first show and second one

some of the aspects bothered me, but somehow it got me caught up in wanting to know.

Flashbacks mixed in normally bug me, but I'll admit to getting hooked on this one, wanting to know what was next in both timeline plots.

As far as magic gravity and lack of time delay, shrug, I'm an old Star Trek Fan and other such, so my ability to suspend disbelieve had overdeveloped perhaps. Although I find some things still occasionally push my logic button.

But hey, no show is for everyone.

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just watched the last (13th) episode of season 1

i liked it (definitely not "Greys Anatomy in Space" either)

i think they worked the "guilt factor" just right


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