1. The article [Q314854] describes procedures that you can follow to troubleshoot difficulties with video drivers when you start your computer in Windows XP. Specifically, this article describes how to find out which video drivers are loading.

2. Generally, video problems can stem from two common causes: 1) the wrong video driver is installed; and 2) the settings made by using the Display options in Control Panel are incorrect -- such as setting the wrong monitor type. This mismatch can result in distorted images if the monitor cannot synchronize with the video card's resolution or refresh rate.

3. The Microsoft article "Resources for Troubleshooting Display Problems in Windows XP (Q307960)" is intended to assist you in using the Video Display Troubleshooter that is included in Windows XP Help and Support Center, provides a list of online support services, and recommends other articles that may help solving video problems.

4. Supplemental reading:

a. "List of Supported Display Adapters for Multiple Monitors and Dualview in Windows XP (Q307397)."

b. "HOW TO: Configure and Use Multiple Monitors in Windows XP (Q307873)."