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Dual Video, possible terminology problem.

Going to use two monitors. Presently have a Jaton Dual card, both analog. Getting an LCD monitor with both DVI and analog, present CRT is analog.

Thus with the present card I will see how they look in analog mode. Now I want a card with two outputs, one analog and one DVI.

When I search in newegg for cards with both analog and a DVI output, two actual separate connectors, does that mean that each connector can be used at the same time, one for the CRT and one for the DVI LCD monitor.

While looking, it dawned on me that the term Dual Video may be ambiguos. The way to select in newegg's system is to select a card that has one D-Sub and one DVI output (connector?). Plenty in my price range [cheap]. I'm not a power user and no real reason to have two monitors, but. Here's a link to one as an example. Will this run two monitors.


Running Win XP Pro 333 FSB AMD Barton , plenty of memory.

While we're at it, if the card does support two simultaneous outputs and it has 128 MB memory, is that split, half with each output???

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I'm not sure...

In reply to: Dual Video, possible terminology problem.

but if I were u, I would get a better card than that

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Believe me, I am NOT, in the slightest,

In reply to: I'm not sure...

one that puts any demands on my video. I'm color blind on top of that. LOL

Hey I'm only paying $209 for a 17" LCD Monitor that has both a D-sub and DVI input with 10 MS response time. I'm basically tight. The monitor has a 3 year warranty, one of my key requirements. LOL

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Yes... I pretty sure

In reply to: Dual Video, possible terminology problem.


The site above will help you alot. My help is below. But use the above site.

Yeah, when they have two connectors, like one blue and one white, it means you can simultaneously use them, like one CRT can plug into the blue port and one LCD can plug into the white port. You can have your desktop "spanned" onto the second monitor. Look at this picture, it's kind of what I think your trying to do.


Yes, the card you selected will run dual montior support. The MX series are used for that purpose, dual monitors. Nowadays almost all cards have dual monitor and dual ports. Well, Neweggs system is just trying to limit your card ports, to if you you want one with dual DVI, or one io each, or two analog. With most cards , if you have two ports, you can have two monitors. Make sure you update your drivers when you get the card.

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Don't have to buy vid card in CNET

In reply to: Yes... I pretty sure

Where is the edit post button?? Sorry, but I couldn't edit my post. I just checked the CNET site I gave you. They list some pricey parts, particulary the X800 XT. Even though the card has dual monitor support, it is aimed at gaming and can be very pricey, 400+! Also since dual monitor support is meant for multi-tasking, make sure you have ample CPU power.

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Thanx, mucho for your replies.

In reply to: Yes... I pretty sure

Glad that you didn't look at my profile, for favorite expressions. LOL

Yes, I know re video card prices. I'm in the $48.00 price range.

The link that you gave provided the needed assurance. Thanks again.

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In reply to: Yes... I pretty sure

Both of the outputs can be used at the same time yes, and in addition what you want is exactly what's being offered on the market right now. Some pure digital guys are groaning about that but the video manufacturers have to supply what's in demand. A card with 128 Mb of memory is not going to ''split'' the memory between the two monitors, it will use the memory as needed for either or. If you were a gamer, I would advise that kind of setup as a concern, but in your case, it's the ideal setup. I have two LCD's set up on my Nvidia 6800 GT and it has never seemed to bother my in game FPS even with the second monitor running. That's not to say that if a game was already pushing your card to the max, hooking up a second monitor wouldn't be detrimental, it would, but in your case I say go for it. Just make sure the card you buy has a DVI to Analog adapter giving you the freedom to use one dvi one analog or both analog. Most of the cards shipping with a DVI out have this adapter, but some of the less expensive ones don't.
May I also suggest that in my experience, my clients have ahd a much easier time with the dual monitor function of the Nvidia Forceware drivers than with any other.

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Thanx. I stay away

In reply to: Ray...............

from Radeons, because their install CD and drivers drive me batty. [no pun intended]. The CD installs so much crap that I have no idea what it does, don't want it, and don't want to take the time to read about it and never use it, except to have it create problems. LOL

I already had two monitors using the Jaton cheapie [its Nvidea] that I have, but then decided to give the monitor to my Granddaughter. But I never really got a handle on ways to use the dual monitors. Want to find ways to set things up "permanently" so I don't always have to drag things from one screen to the other, or have dialog boxes for actions on the first screen show up on the second screen. I kept forgetting to look there. LOL

Believe it or not I have NEVER played a game on a PC [or anything else]. Too afraid that I will fail miserably and reveal my eye hand coordination inadequacies, to myself. LOL

Thanx again.

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In reply to: Thanx. I stay away

When you're ready, if you're ready, LOL and you have the hardware , let me know and I'll try to help guide you through the dual monitor support in the new forceware drivers. It's not that difficult to figure out, but there are a few snags to be had if you've never done it. Wink

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I'll take you up on

In reply to: Well............

the offer when I get around to installing it.

Will waste some time with both in analog, and then change cards to see what the LCD looks like in Digital.

Toni Hackler has a 19 inch Dell [top rated at the time], she tried the digital,[she was into video copying et al] and hated it for some reason. I'll have to email her to see what her problem was. She was a 600 X 800 person and I think it took her a year to go to a little higher resolution. I don't think that she is at the full native resolution yet. LOL

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I see you're talking about me behind my back

In reply to: I'll take you up on


The digital selection automatically set the resolution and wouldn't let me alter it downward at all....which meant that everything was so freaking tiny I would have spent two days setting up the fonts sizes, icon sizes, etc. for what suits my old and tired eyes.

I used 800x600 for years until this new monitor and it's now (for over a year) set at 1024x768 analog and that's comfortable for me. The digital jumped it immediately much higher than that and wouldn't let me select anything less. The much higher resolution caused everything to be ant size, like looking out a plane at cars going by below at 500 feet or more. LOL

I was actually getting nauseous watching .gif files moving on the net.....


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In reply to: I see you're talking about me behind my back

I actually worked for a major Canadian bank in the I.T. department a few year ago and we had the same types of complaints when we switched over to LCD from CRT. I know what problems can arise from a sudden change from what you're used to.

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alright...i'll have a go

In reply to: Dual Video, possible terminology problem.

don't buy a GeForce4 MX or GeForce MX 4000
while they have dual RAMDACS (what you need for dual monitors) the RAMDACS usually won't run 100% in tandem (i've tried it with a GF4 MX, and proven it, the issue is that demanding thigns, like video playback, won't run on both screens)

another note
if the card has dual RAMDACS it'll do dual output
given the increasement in analog signal quality, DVI-I won't improve the image (about 3% improvement)
and it limits you to 1600x1200 max (but i'm guessing this LCD isn't that big)

i'd say just go with dual analog out
a lot of video cards have issues metting true DVI-I spec (they don't send a strong enough signal for digital, as most people use them converted back to analog for dual monitor, as DVI monitors used to be so amazingly expensive it wasn't even funny)

when DVI-I was new
it was great
but now, it's not much better
it used to be better back when analog output quality wasn't up to snuff

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Thanx for the info. The card is already

In reply to: alright...i'll have a go

enroute. The info at newegg didn't mention anything re single or dual RAMDACs. I've never used video playback on my computers. I have television if I want to see "movies" A power user of a computer I AM NOT.

The monitor's native resolution is 1280 X 1024. Theoretically 10 Millisecond response.

The point is that I, this writer, wants to see the difference between analog and DVI. I guess that I could read about it in a book, but if I were to advise another, I would like it to be based on what I saw. I actually have no other real reason for buying the monitor and card. [except also for fooling around with dual monitors in case I start working on a website again and can use split screen, one on each monitor].

But I appreciate your input, because I know it is based on expert knowledge.

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just to re-enforce the point

In reply to: Thanx for the info. The card is already

i don't have the link anymore
and when i first saw it i didn't believe it
but DVI-I (as all signals) has a standard that it has to meet to be "true DVI-I" otherwise it's just like using analog, on a wider, uglier, port

and yes, you would need an oscilloscope to test it out
and the image quality difference is almost negligle (if there was a huge difference, DVI-I would've taken off more)

one thing i'd like to note is that the more pixels you set on each monitor, the more you'll load up the gfx card (more RAM is better in this scinario, you have to realize, even if it's just cloning, it needs twice the RAM to do twice the work for twice the image...)

so i'm currently running two CRT's at 1152x864, so my video card has to generate 2304x864
1,990,656 pixels
over the 995,328 pixels of 1152x864

while most video cards don't have an issue drawing more pixels
having more RAM/higher fillrate does help out (if you ran two 1280x1024 displays i'm guessing it'd be slowed down)

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Yep, but for my puposes and uses and above

In reply to: just to re-enforce the point

all, being a tight wad, I'll do with what I ordered. LOL

I wanted the Viewsonic 8 msec at $360 or so, but would have to wait to save up, saw the no name one with 10 ms and both D-sub and DVI at $209.99 and free shipping and 3 year warranty, took the risk.

As you know, the lousy response time of LCD's does not really put a big demand on the time to generate pixels. Fast refresh rate is not doable if the TFT can't be turned off fast enough.

Do I believe this one is really 10 ms, not really, but probably better than the original 25 ms units that are still around.

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