Dual monitors significantly slow OS performance

Hello everyone. I'm having quite a weird problem that I've scoured the internet finding a solution for with no success. So I've come here to see if anyone might have a solution for me.

Here's the problem: I recently hooked up a second monitor to my PC, both via DisplayPort, and noticed that my mouse cursor would lag every other second while just moving it around on my desktop. In fact, my whole desktop entirely seems to chug pretty hard with my second monitor plugged in. It is very annoying. However, right when I unplug one monitor, everything is back to normal and there's no mouse/OS lag whatsoever. My PC is quite beefy too. I should be able to handle it well. I'll provide my specs in a bit.

Here's what I've tried: So I have 2 monitors (both the same exact model) that both are able to run at 144hz. I've tried lowering one/both screens to different Hz to no avail. I tried to see if there were any parts that were running extra hard for some reason, but my figures looked normal. My GPU drivers are up-to-date. This performance chug happens even when there is nothing currently open (other than the usual processes). I've tried overclocking/underclocking my GPU.

It's just very weird because this seems to only happen to my desktop and any apps that are open on it EXCEPT games. It doesn't seem to affect the performance of any of my games very much, if at all (although I'd need to test some more to be 100% sure of that) even when running both monitors at 144hz.

Here's what I'm running:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5 4670K @ 3.40GHz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080
Memory: 8GB RAM
Monitor(s): 2x ASUS VG248QE 24-inch 1080p @ 144hz via DisplayPort

As you can see, my PC is no slouch. I can run most games at max settings while still getting over 70fps. I know a second monitor uses a little more GPU power, but my 1080 should be capable of handling it ten-fold. It's not like I'm running any games across both monitors or anything. And again, this happens even when my desktop is the only thing running.

I've read all over the place that 2 monitors shouldn't be that much more strain anyway. I know of people who have PCs that are quite weaker than mine, running 2 monitors with one playing Netflix while gaming on the other and having no problems. However, when I try that, both my game and Netflix run at like, 2 frames a second. I've read a couple posts elsewhere talking about Nvidia GPUs not cooperating very well with Windows 10 so it could be that. I have some knowledge of computers, but I'm certainly no technician. I could be missing something entirely too. I'm kind of at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Actually I think a second display is a big load on the GPU.

It's twice the work but a 1080 should be ample at driving 2 1080p displays. But then you have 144Hz displays so that's doubling the GPU load again. Sorry to write but that's like driving more than 4 normal displays so while you can try driver versions and check that your PC is all current, dual channel RAM and all, you did set up quite the display load.

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I've heard different things about how much load it takes.

Unfortunately I have tried running my monitors at 60 or even 59Hz (read a post saying to try that) and it still lags my PC. Also, I'm able to play games with both monitors running at 144Hz with minimal to no performance loss. I still run DOOM at an average fps of ~120-170 which is the same as with only 1 monitor. If the performance hit really is that significant, why do my games not suffer as well?

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Ahh, the old 2D vs 3D performance issue.

Now go get benchmarks that do 2D and 3D testing.

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Any recommendations?

That's actually interesting. You think that could be the issue? Also, any recommended software I could use for that? Thanks for all the help so far, btw!

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Forgot a thing.

Once in a while this comes up and you go through it all and there's a driver that was forgotten at install time of the OS. Or the BIOS was out of date and the motherboard/CPU is under performing.

As to benchmarks, it does not cure the issues. You can pick out what you like then use it to see if changing the drivers helps or not.

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