Dual Display Arrangement Help Needed

This is a weird one, but I hope someone has advice. I've got a mac mini and set it up with two monitors. The taskbar keeps jumping from the main monitor to the secondary one, and I'm beginning to think what I think is the main monitor isn't, but I know how to go into the display arrangement and drag the taskbar back to the correct monitor. However, I was in the display arrangement screen to move the taskbar today and instead of moving the taskbar, it moved the monitors. I know how to fix that, too, but it froze while doing it and left the monitors in a diagonal position, instead of the normal side-by-side. Now my mouse is trapped on the wrong monitor and my systems preferences only comes up on the other monitor. I can't get to the arrangement display to drag and fix it. I can't plug a mouse into the other monitor, rebooting doesn't help, tried to copy the systems preferences to trash it so I could get access but that didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Reporting: Dual Display Arrangement Help Needed
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Clarification Request
About the trapped mouse.

It's been years but I did help someone with a trapped mouse. They couldn't move the mouse from the left screen to the right screen. What was it? I had them move the mouse to the left until it showed on the right screen.

That is, be sure to try moving the mouse off the trapped screen on all sides.

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Thank you!

For this, it was trapped on one screen. Left, right, up, down would not get me to the other screen. I did find a fix, by trying to reboot to safe mode. I held down the shift key while I restarted, but it didn't go into safe mode. However, when it came back up the arrangement display had split and luckily the side I need to drag and drop was on the mouse side this time. I can't say this is a great fix for everyone, but I'll take it!

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You could also have disconnected one monitor

and rebooted.
That would have solved the diagonal setup and then allowed you to reconnect the second monitor


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Thank you for the suggestion

I rebooted three times and I'm pretty sure I disconnected the monitor before one of those reboots, hoping it would come up on the remaining one. It did not. It was still there, ghosting, until I plugged in the monitor again. However, if it happens again, I'll try that. Although, I don't think it will happen again.

For anyone that could get in this situation, what I did wrong was open display arrangement with too many open documents and just as my computer was coming out of sleep mode. It was still opening things, which caused it to pause on me while I was dragging the monitors in the arrangement panel. Not sure I could recreate this if I tried. I feel like it "fixed itself" because while I was locked out of one monitor, I went through all the things on my desktop on the active monitor and filed or deleted them. Rebooting helped to close out of things, too.

I've learned my lesson. I screen grab way too much, and that had to be a factor. Cleaning it up, running a cleaning program, made all the difference to the fix. Hope no one else has this problem. Having searched online for a fix, the only similar issue I found was on a PC -- yikes! I made my mac act like a PC. My bad. Thanks again for your helpful suggestion.

(Sorry for the long post, but IF someone should have this issue, I want a mac answer out there for it.)

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Thanks for the update and the honesty

Just as a matter of interest, what cleaning program did you use?


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Cleaning Program

I use CleanMyMac.

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I have the same problem

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(NT) And after you followed all of the above??
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After I followed all the above...

mrmacfixit: not sure if your question was for me or HansKlieren, but after I cleaned up the display screen I had access to and rebooted, I got access again.

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Were you able to fix it?

Hope you were able to fix your Dual Display dilemma!

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