Since you are not into high end die hard competition gaming, the Intel Dual Core systems will be adequate for all current games and many more to come, as the Video Card/RAM will be the major factor on these processors. You don't need the speed of a AMD FX55 for good gaming.

If building now instead of waiting, I would suggest, however the Pent D 830 instead of the 820, or still better the 840 3.2Ghz (non Extreme Edition).

The AMD 64 Dual Core Processing family is supposed to include models:

4800 Processor = $1000
4600 Processor = $803
4400 Processor = $581
4200 Processor = $537
respectively, in 1000 unit quantities

The AMD Processor is supposed to fit some 939 socket motherboards, but not all, so the cost of a new mobo may be necessary

If people currently have the newer socket 939 Mobo's that support a 90nm CPU it is supposed to be upgradable for the dual processors. However, many 939's were made for 130nm processors including the FX clawhammer, and 64 Newcastle CPU's, and many of these boards are not compatible with the X2 which uses the 90nm process from what I have read. So, purchase of a new mobo may be necessary for those that want to upgrade.

Pentium D Processors. Intel currently has:

Pent D Processor 820, 2.8GHz = $290.95
Pent D Processor 830, 3.0GHz = $367.25
Pent D Processor 840, 3.2GHz = $618.95

The Dual Core Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 3.2GHz, with motherboard, Intel D955X BKLKR, and 955X PCI-Express chipset with DDR2 is supposed to be $1050.

The Intel dual core processors will require new motherboards.

I'm really into waiting to the end of year as a suggestion.... who knows, maybe there will be a Pent D 850, 860 coming out and AMD may lower their prices. Wink