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DRM sucks.


I've been following this whole DRM debate with interest.
All it boils down, from my perspective, is that companies want to lock down every aspect of our entertainment experience so they can extract as much money from us as possible. THey use the piracy problem as an excuse, when in fact the effect it has is minimal to their revenues at best.

It's like - they like to charge us full price for re-released music on a new format eatch time somthing comes round - they dont want us copying from a high quality original to the new format at all.

Digital music is unique in that it allows fast, unaltered copies to be made countless times - and that scares the Distribution they are not getting a peice of that pie.

CD Album sales are on the up, but whenever they go down they blame Internet File sharing - rather than the poor quality of releases.

What I want to know is how far it'll go? Will anyone listening to music lound enough for others to hear be fined for breach of copyright? Will lending a friend a CD be illegal?

I think I see the beginnings of a backlash with the balls-up that is the Sony Rootkit, but until the general public catch on to the problems of these restrictive practices, nothing serious - other than EFF legal chellenges can be made.

I for one am happy to use Itunes, but what if I want a higher quality version of that music on my MP3 iPod? How long until Music companies pressure APple into removing the CD-Ripping from iTunes? The CD database being shut down etc?

Hopefully one day everyone will be able top listen to music how, where and with whome they want. Culture cant be bought...

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Not only is Italy suing but now so are some states

It looks like we are not the only ones thinkning that this DRM deal with Sony is way out of control. Italy filed a suit against the Sony for this and now California is filing a class action suit and New York may also be. The article is courtesy of Slashdot. Its good to see that no one is just going to take this from Sony and that other commpanies will have serious problems if they are using or thinking about using a Root Kit or DRM this ridiculous. Check it out if you haven't already:

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As predicted
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Just realised

That Sony is locking out anyone who does not have a WMA capable music player on their CDs!!

Hardly Fair play eh?

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