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drivers for my 10 yesr old zip100 frive

I have an elderly 10 year old dell 5150 dimension computer.I wish to use my 9 year old Iomega zip 100 magetic storage drive with this computer, as I had done previously.

I accessed the information on this website, which instructed me to download/run a program called ARO 2012. After running this program, I was confronted with instructions to buy this software; I declined.

There were no further instructions as to installation of the requested drivers.

Was this another Internet scam??
I only wish to reinstall the drivers foe my admittedly old component. Perhaps my attempts are futile. There are several websites claiming to offer these drivers.

Can I find a place to simply download these drivers which I purchased previously with this device?

Any input would be appreciated. I have looked in many websites.

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Reporting: drivers for my 10 yesr old zip100 frive
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Clarification Request
There are 2 basic zip drives.

USB and Parallel. Then we have the 100MB, 250MB and maybe other models.

I can't search for you because the details are missing such as which OS, what PC, etc.

HOWEVER I have used a LiveCD call UBUNTU to get the data off the Zip drive media without too much pain. I use that method since we usually only need to get the files out then with that out of the way we can put it back in storage, sell it or give the old thing away.

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I have seen no information on the Internet indicating I should "junk" this peripheral device. I am attempting to reuse this drive, not simply transcribe infirmation.

There are many websites claiming to have the required drivers for this device. They state that it will work with Windows XP, which I am using. I have used this USB 2.0 Zip100 drive in the past with this computer. I see no reason why it should not function now, except for the "planned obsolence" I have read about regarding the home computer business. I should not be required to junk my older peripherals if this is indeed the case. I am now living on retirement income and cannot afford to keep up with the new products.

I don't want to sound sarcastic, but as I try to rejuvenate my older hardware, I am encountering a dearth of infomation.
As an aside, after downloading/running "ARO 2012" from this website, my Dell Dmension 5150 computer is dead; it will not boot to Windows XP: the floppy disk drive light remains lit, as though it is attempting to boot from this drive. The usual F keys on power on have no effect. This software screwed with my registry. I have read elsewhere that should to be avoided. I guess I may be too late, unless i can find some WnXP boot disks or resort to "dban" reformatting, which I was hoping to avoid.
I would appreciate any positive input regarding my situation.
Must I write of this computer? It was functional before I began searching for Iomega Zip100 drivers.

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Floppy disk light stays on....usually means the floppy

drive cable is reversed.

Re a CD.....gotta have one and the good news, they're inexpensive.


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It did not stay on before.

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Then it has failed.

It's a common failure. At least the parts involved are cheaper than a new PC.

- Collapse -'s either broken or the drive cable is reversed.

Like CD-DVD Burners, floppy drives are inexpensive too.


Best Answer

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What is "this web site"?

There are advertisements galore and if you click on some advertisement and proceed to wipe out a PC with some registry cleaner then what is to be said?

Frankly I don't equate an advertisement with a scam. Some will!

Back to your issues. Since you have not updated your post to note if XP was updated if I were to do this I'd update my XP first, head to Dell and put in my service tag to see if I have their latest BIOS, Drivers and Apps then I'd take a look in the device manager after I booted to SAFE MODE to see if any unknown USB things are there. I delete those and reboot.

At this point I have a choice. My choice would be to plug in the USB Zip and see if Microsoft will get the driver for me. I did this about 6 months ago and without any drama, XP SP3 fetched a driver for me and the Zip drive worked.

HOWEVER if someone ran a registry blaster or optimizer they may be very upset over reloading the OS and engaging in driver hunts. still has the drivers. Can you answer why you would go anywhere else?


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"ARO 2012's One-Click Optimization is the way to go for regular cleaning and optimizing. Once your PC is cleaned and optimized, running ARO 2012 regularly keeps it that way.

Read more: ARO 2012 - CNET".

"At this point I have a choice. My choice would be to plug in the USB Zip and see if Microsoft will get the driver for me."
--I guess I should have read more.
--Microsoft did not get the driver for me. Tried before ARO 2012 was used.
--Too late to boot in safe mode now.
--I found Dell has discontinued support for my Dimension 5150 computer.
--Naturally and logically I was seeking the drivers using the computer on which they were required. No reason to think otherwise.
Back to my issues. Obviously I trusted the wrong persons somewhere. Assuming my unsupported Dell Dimension 5150 computer has been screwed up, what can I do now, since it will no longer boot to Windows?

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Since it no longer boots to Windows.
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Since my computer has already "crashed", I must assume I will be using the floppy "A" drive since nothing else works at present. Most solutions seem to require a functioning cd drive.

Fortunately, this is a refurbished unit for "learning" purposes and has nothing to lose, although I did make a data backup for some reason.

I have an MS DOS boot disk, and the 6 floppiy Win XP Setup disks, if required. Most of the Repair Software seems to require a functioning cd drive, which I have not. Due to my blunder, I am past that stage.I will never again run any program that touches my registry, although "CC Cleaner" was reviewed by CNET.

As it is past midnight here, I will start tomorrow, after checking back at this website for further advice.


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Re: no functioning cd drive
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From your link, I found "Repair windows xp by repairing a Repair Install"

and "XP Repair Install free" which lead me to"

and "xp repair Install -cam 2000"

Could you be more specific on precisely which choice to make.

I must download a program which I can use on my currently "crashed" computer. I must be able to boot from my floppy drive.

I have an external floppy drive. I doubt if I can use this. Internal floppy drives (refurbished) are cheap and easy to install, but will require a trip to a computer shop which sells one. In addition, I have found they are not generic. I am using an internal floppy purchased from Dell because the "generic" drive I purchased locally does not have the data/power cable configuration which fits my computer. I would not mind the $20 expense, but cost of excursion must be considered.

Perhaps I can download the required software program and send it as an email attachment to the "learning" unit. I would still be able to boot the computer somehow, presumably from the A drive.

I have "setup" diskettes (6). That is my next step. I have previously backed up the data from this computer, none of which is crucial, knowing I was just "learning". Thus I have nothing to lose here.

I will await any further suggestions.

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Your choice here.
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PS. I see Kees noted the bad CD/DVD drive.

Most folk can't install Windows under that condition so I'm making a big assumption you fixed that.

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