I suspect your question will get a better response from one of the Web Development forums on this site.

But what are you trying to insert the flash button and flash text into?

If you are building a web page, most HTML builders require that the object you are trying to insert, (in the A HREF anchor), is in the same directory, (folder), as the web page you are creating. If not, then the A HREF anchor must show the path, for example; file:///c|/Work/mywebsite/flashbuttons/button1.swf or whatever.

Also, I know that some browsers may need special anchor coding to display flash, embedded movies, etc, so you would have to research that.

The error message you got seems to be a "sorry, can't find his file" type of message to me, so you need to tell the web page where it can be found.

If that is not what you are talking about, then please give more informaion, (either here on in the web builders forums).