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Downloads going to desktop and not Downloads folder

Vista 32bit

If someone sends me a file, like a pps, when I download it the file goes directly to the desktop. This is annoying for one because I hide my desktop icons, two I then have to move the file to the downloads folder.
When I click Start there isn't any Downloads in the quick start menu, just documents, photos and games.

So how do I get downloads to go tot he downloads folder and how do I put Downloads in the Quickstart menu?

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Reporting: Downloads going to desktop and not Downloads folder
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You can direct the downloads anywhere you want. You can go to your download manager and set the default location or you should have the option of selecting the location when you start a download. Can't be more specific, as there are lots of different managers depending on your browser.

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Download manager

So where do I find the download manager to make the changes?

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In an email?

You said when someone sends you a PPS file. Do you mean as an email attachment?

If so, do you not get an option when you right click the file and select 'Save as' to navigate where you want to save the file to?

I always save my attachments to my Desktop. Then from there I can scan them easily with my anti-virus, and if they pass that test, I then open them.

Once I am done, I then choose either to delete, or to move to a folder of my choice. The files are then off my Desktop.

It seems easy to me.


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pps file

The pps file is a Power Point attachment but basically I'm referring to all downloads.
I'd rather just have any and all downloads goto the downloads folder.

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Lets get this straight please.

How do you manage your emails? Either in a web browser, or using specific email software like Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc?

The question is important, because depending on your answer any advice given will be different.


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I just started using outlook but if I remember correctly the downloads always went to the desktop before outlook.
But I'm interested in learning.
I'm 60 years old and have been very diligent in trying to keep pace with technology. I was born in the pre-calculator world, the biggest thing back then was the transistor radio.
My family calls me for computer help. lol
I never had this problem with XP
I actually go back to my first computer the "Commodore 64", early 80s.
I had the bulky 286 and 386, the early windows 3.1, 95,98,XP,now Vista
I don't think anyone really know everything and so we all have to share what knowledge we have.
Thanks to everyone for all your help, it is much appreciated!

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I'm with you.

Not as old of course, Devil

Well, almost, another year and I'm your age, but then you will be a year older...

But my first computer was the Sinclair ZX81 in the early 80's, with 1 whole Kilobyte of memory. Happy days.

Now we're getting somewhere. You use Outlook, which I don't use, except at work on an Exchange email server, but can you now tell me how you save any email attachments?

A step by step process please, eg;

1] highlight the email to read it, then,

2] what..? What steps do you then take that causes the attachment to be saved to your Desktop?

I will give you an example. I use Thunderbird to manage my emails. In essence it does the same job as Outlook.

1] Preview pane on, highlight the email

2] Highlight the attachment, right click it, select "Save As"

3] An options window opens that allows me to navigate to the folder where I want to save the attachments file.

4] I navigate to where I want, usually the Desktop, then click Save.


There is no "Global" setting where you instruct Windows to 'save all files' to the desktop, or to any other folder. Normally you would have to search through each applications' Tools > Options to find any option offered to change a default location. I am not sure if Outlook has such an option.


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in my Outlook 2007 at work ...

I simply right-click on the attachment and choose Save As. That's easy. I suppose it works with pop3-email just as well as with Exchange mail. But I can't check here.


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Another Issue!

First off, thanks to all of you for helping me out!

I do have another issue and not sure if I can just put it here or should start another thread.

The other issue is removing a program. When I go to control panel to add/remove programs and I click on the program I want to uninstall it tells me that I am not authorized to do so. This doesn't make a bit of sense to me because I am logged on as the administrator and no one else uses this computer.

I've uninstalled programs before but this time I wanted to uninstall Google Earth to get some room on my almost used up HD. For some reason it won't let me uninstall it. Is there something I'm missing?

Do I have to go the registry run/regedit to get rid of it?

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(NT) Better make it a new thread.
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Download saving location...

Which browser are you using ? Any download manager [e.g. Flash Get]?
Different browsers or downloads use different default locations to save downloas, e.g. Desktop, Downloads [at the main nfolder]or at Desktop>Username Account> Downloads... Also, files you received from others, e.g. as attachment [opened or not] may go to "My docements> My Photos", etc....

There should be an option where you can change the location .... or be asked where you want to save the file, whereby you can browse to that location. Otherwise, it may be possible to tweak the registry for your choice of a default location.

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