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Down to 2 Laptops: Please help me Choose: Dell vs. Toshiba

Please help choose between the two laptops below.
Intended use: regular Internet activity, MS office (excel/word), picture editing, light home video editing (beginner),NO gaming

1. DELL Vostro 1510 ($490 via Dell Direct, includes s+h)
> CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 (1.8 GHz/2 MB cache/800MHz)
> Ram: 3 GB / Harddrive: 320 GB
> GFX: Intel GMA X3100 - shared memory
> Vista 32 Bit
> Firewire port
> No web cam
> Added 2nd year warranty for extra $40

2. Toshiba Satellite L305-S5939 ($550 via Fry's in-store)
> CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 (2.0 GHz/2 MB cache/800MHz)
> Ram: 4 GB / Harddrive: 320 GB
> GFX: ATI Radeon 3100 - with 256MB Dedicated memory
> Vista 64 Bit
> No Firewire (can add via expresscard)
> Webcam
> Fry's 2 year warranty for extra $130

Assuming the addition of the 2nd year of warranty, price becomes $530 for Dell & $680 for Toshiba, but the price difference with just the base 1 year warranty is only $60.

Any feedback would be helpful and appreciated.

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second one

Personally I prefer the second one.

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Dollar for dollar I

would pick the Toshiba hands down. Ypu get more bang for the money. I wouldn't worry about a warranty on a 500 dollar notebook but it may be important for you.

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I was interested in getting a SonyVaio but saw the comparison to the Toshiba Satellite A305-S6916.It was awesome but I was curious on how they had a comparison posted but they don't have a review for the Toshiba.. ??

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Laptop choice

Toshiba would be my pick, good stuff.

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32 bit vs 64 bit ?

Is there anything to be aware of as it relates to 32 bit vs 64 bit processors. I read something about compatibility issues with 64, but that info may be dated.
Thanks again,

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32 bit vs 64 bit?

"Is there anything to be aware of as it relates to 32 bit vs 64 bit processors. I read something about compatibility issues with 64, but that info may be dated."
I believe you're thinking of operating systems, not processors.

There were some minor driver incompatibility issues with vista 64, but they've been mostly ironed out.

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Get the Tosh.

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Many new laptops are sold with Win Vista 64-Bit

Win Vista 64-bit should work very well in a laptop. The manufacturer has made sure all necessary drivers can run the built in hardware.

The only thing one would need to be aware of is the need for 64-bit drivers for a printer, scanner, or camera one might want to use with such a laptop. Most manufacturers have both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers. Still, should you be considering a Win Vista 64-bit laptop, you should check to see if 64-bit drivers are available for any external devices you plan to use with it.

If I had a need for a laptop, I would definitely go 64-bit.

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what about Dell Studio vs the Toshiba

I'm also in a quandary, but over the Toshiba vs a Dell Studio 15 selling at Best Buy for $700

Intel Core Duo T5800, 4GB RAM, 320 GBHard drive, Vista home prem 64bit and webcam

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correction to Dell specs

The Dell is also a Core 2 Duo (T5800)

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dell v toshiba

If you are looking at the same Toshiba at $550, the $150 savings over the comperable Dell at $700 would point me to the Toshiba.

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Still take the Toshiba over the Dell, maybe twice on Sunday.

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I Say,

Get the Tosh.

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Dell support is crap. You will likely need to use it.
Toshiba support is rumored to be crap, but you are less likely to need it.

Toshiba wins.

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Yes and no.

Most of the complaints about Toshiba service are about the Toshiba repair depot. Toshiba also has a network of authorized warranty repair stations that are listed on their website and rated by customers. Apparently the private shops give better service, since they have to compete. Happily, I have no experience with either in my 3+ years using Toshiba. Toshiba also has pretty good online tech support that's been upgraded in the past few years. You can get service and update bulletins through email.

That Tosh looks like a monster for the money.

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get the Dell. Dell support was fine for me when I got my dell desktop, my toshiba laptop (3 yrs old) has broken keys and continual-slowness syndrom.

Not worth it long term (also nix the 2 year warrenty)

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Toshiba is Junk, Junk, junk!

Had an expensive Toshiba TV repaired three times, a top of the line VCR break down in six months, and a cable modem that also broke down in a year.
Three strikes they are out!
Toshiba may have the price, but not the quality. Definitely go with the Dell...bad service and all!

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Toshiba has quality laptops

Toshiba may not have been good for you with other products, but their laptops are first class. My daughter has one and it works great. Personally, I've owned a couple Toshiba products (Toshiba HD-DVD player and VCR) and have yet to have either break on me. The VCR is fairly dated now but still works fine.

Wish I could say that about Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung!

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I agree

I have had both a top of the line laptop and a flatscreen TV crap out both Toshiba products....just my experience

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Decisions, decisions...........

I would definitely stay away from Dell. Their support is not in the USA and you can't understand those people and most of the time they don't understand what we are asking them. Find a company who hires people from our country. We need the jobs here. I have wasted a lifetime with Dell support for my desktop. I know nothing about Toshiba. I am looking also for a laptop but am considering Acer. Hard to find one with 8 GB ram but I am sure I will find one or have additional ram added. I hear nothing but good about Acer computers. I believe their support is in the US also.

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Laptops choice,,,

As for me I picked up an L305-S5934 Toshiba from Best Buy, 2.0 Turion X2 64 bit, 3 gb(upgradeable), 250gb drive, ATI 3100 graphics for $529 and as for me the temp difference alone(Intel runs way hotter, friend has same laptop but intel and it will cook eggs)makes it my pick.
And for upgrading to 4 GB ram its like $20, and then I can sell my old 1 GB stick.
But for the Toshiba its a much more solid unit in my opinion.
Good luck in whatever you choose.

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Dell vs Toshiba

I would definitely go for the Toshiba. The video card has dedicated memory as opposed to shared memory in the Dell. Also the version of Vista it comes with is 64 bit which means it can handle the whole 4 gb of RAM. 32 bit can only use just over 3 gb of RAM. I have had 4 Toshiba laptops and have had very few problems in 9 years. One HDD died after 2.5 yrs but that can happen with any computer. Fingerprint sensor on my latest Toshiba died under warranty. Fixed here in New Zealand in less than a week. It also appears from looking on Fry's Website that it comes with Vista Home Premium whereas the Dell appears to come with Home Basic and its only 32 bit. This only really matters if you are using applications that needs lots of RAM such as Photoshop etc. Also the Toshiba comes with a Webcam which is useful. Do you need Firewire?? Since you are doing a bit of Video editing and some picture editing then the Toshiba is the one.

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Choose the Dell

Since you say that you want to do light video editing, the Dell would probably be the better choice, since it comes with a firewire port, which is ideal for editing with a camcorder. Plus the warranty on the Dell is cheaper than the Toshiba.

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Dell vs. Toshiba

Dells computers are OK, but, and its a big butt, there online help and general customer service is horrible. I haven't bought a computer from them in years, even though my company has an employee purchase discount plan with them. I've been an HP fan for years; I own a HP desktop, printer and a lap top. Good luck with your decision.

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Go with the Toshiba

I have long experience with Toshibas. Even my oldest one still works fine.

If you're politically active, bear in mind that Dell is a major contributor to the Republican Party and that Michael Dell was one of George W. Bush's "Pioneers." For me, this eliminates any Dell product from consideration, even if it were marginally superior at the price point and provided stellar support (which its products aren't and its support isn't).

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I would absolutely get the Toshiba. Not only does it appear to have better specs than the Dell, it'll probably save you trouble in the long run. Most all the computers I work on or hear about having problems are Dell (or Gateway). The school district in the town I live in has Toshiba laptops exclusively, as well as myself, my parents, and much of my family, and the reliability is top notch. This, of course, is just from personal experience. Any computer could be a lemon. Hope that helps.

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You will not be disappointed with the Toshiba. I have a Satellite A60 that is 5 or 6 years old and it has been perfect and still does everything I want it to. Never had any kind of problem with it.
Forget the Fry's warranty. If it does break it will be sooner than later, but it won't break.

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Go with the Toshiba

We have had two Toshiba laptops and two Dell laptops over the last four years. We have had absolutely no problems with either Toshiba, but we had charging problems with both Dells right off the bat. Both of the Dells were purchased last year (200Cool. The first Toshiba in 2005, the second in 2008. One Dell ended up needing a motherboard replacement (which meant it had to be shipped back to Dell) and the other needed the power adapter replaced. The first Toshiba spent a year in Iraq with me and despite the amount of dest, it performed flawlessly.

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Thanks all for the feedback...went with Toshiba

Bought the Toshiba at Fry's....and very pleased thus far.
I could not find better specs at the $550 price point:
Intel Core 2 Duo T6400
4 GB Ram
320 Hard drive
Grahics with dedicated memory
Vista 64 bit

Thanks everyone for your feedback!!

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Get the...


Toshiba makes very good laptops and running Vista 64-bit will allow the laptop to use all of that 4GB of RAM. Too, the Toshiba has a dedicated ATI graphics card with its own RAM.

The Dell is running Vista 32-bit, which means maximum RAM it can run is 4GB, but will only see about 3.25GB of it. Too, the Intel graphics are built in, not a dedicated card with it's own RAM - this means it uses the system RAM, so the Dell's 3GB will NOT be used just by Win Vista but shared with the integrated video.

The Toshiba is a much better laptop.

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