I wanted to share my recent experience with Samsung customer service. I purchased a Samsung S10 plus in September, approximately. I immediately noticed an issue with the phone ghost touching and turning volume down as well as screen brightness. I contacted Samsung and a repair ticket was generated for me to take it to a repair shop locally to have the issue addressed. I took time out of my Saturday and took it in understanding that these things happen. I was without my phone for several hours while the repair was being completed. After receiving the phone back I noticed that the problem still existed. It took me a little to find time on another Saturday to call Samsung again and have another work ticket generated. I once again took it to the same repair shop and gave them the phone. They expressed there was nothing they could do but replace the same components as last time and it would not likely solve the problem. I asked them at what point is it warranted that my phone be replaced. They told me that Samsung will only consider replacing a phone if the same issue is reported three times. With no other option I once again lost the time on my Saturday and the hours without my phone. Once again I noticed that the problem still existed. I contacted Samsung again reporting the issue and asking what my options where for replacing the faulty product. I was told that my only option was to send my phone in and they would look at it and either repair it or replace it. While I understand that this is a track toward a solution the fact is that my phone is a work phone and I almost exclusively run my work operations from my phone in the field and am rarely in my office. I expressed that this track was not feasible due to the above fact. They said they could expedite it to 5 to 7 days. While a appreciate the offer to expedite the process this really does not solve the issue. I asked to speak to a manager and got the same response from the manager, it was actually a supervisor as a manager was not available. I asked whom I could speak to next and I was told that I would receive a call back from an account manager, may have that title wrong. Today I received a call from that manager and was once again told that I would have to mail my phone it and there where no other options. I plead that this was not a feasible option as I can be disconnected from my customers and contractors for that long. I asked to be sent a phone so I could transfer my data and send the original back after. I was told this was not an option and that was Samsung's policy. I asked to speak to that persons manager.  I was told upper management decided that there where no options to send me a phone as I requested. I asked to speak to someone from upper management and was told I could not speak to them. I was then dismissed off the phone as they said Samsung has given me an option to get the phone repaired and they would do no more.
To be clear, I am a Director at a zoo where I have several projects going on involving animal habitats, animal welfare, and utilities to animal care areas. I am not saying I cant be without a phone because I need to interface with social media, I'm saying it because if my projects go without management or problems occur and I can be reach animal welfare is involved. I am a Director of Facilities and Construction with an animal background. I worked in animal care for 15 years and care deeply about the animals at my facility. The inflexibility and disregard of the customer service team is truly disappointing. I hope this message finds someone's eyes with whom grasps the complexity of this problem. 
Thank you,