I bought treo 650 from wirefly. Initially, it worked well but later it gave so much problems that i changed it. Luckily I still had 365- days warranty left.
The second story is of teir rebate system which is a delebrate fraud. They say that the rebate should be accompanied with bill of sixth month (180 days) and the rebate documents along with the bill should reach within 180-200 days. The bill company submits the bill by 185-190 days. You get just 10 days window to fill the bill and send. The first address on which we sent the bill (which was given in the rebate form - was non-existant.) we were told that the company has closed offices there. their customer support told us to forward the rebate docs to another address. When my wife told the CSR that it was by that time already over 200 days, she was told not to worry and send it.
Then I got an email stating that they have received the rebate form and it was being processed. After 4 weeks we get a letter stating that the bill and rebate form were not submitted withing the stipulated period of 180-200 days and therefore the rebate is not being given.
How can these guys sleep at night?
I have published this letter in my company (which has 12000 employees) so that we can blacklist such companies.