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Don't you just love religious nuts?

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Read that a couple days ago

Rush, Pat Robertson and Haiti earthquake also came into mind.

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Be at risk

I would laugh but people grasp at anything to blame their woes on. It shouldn't come as a surprise that other natural disasters could be blamed on the way the winds at any given time to those not liked. -----Willy Happy

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I saw where some "scientist" last week...

blamed the volcanic eruption on Iceland on global warming. May be a nut, but probably not a religious one.

Nuts come on all sizes and flavors.

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A 3.3 one hit this morning
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9/11 and gays? I must have missed that ...

I do remember folks trying to blame the Haiti earthquake on voodoo or Katrina on gays. If there were similar comments about 9/11 I must have missed them.

I think, though, that in the case of 9/11 one could argue that there is an indirect link between the perception that the US society is morally derelict and the choice of targets on 9/11. IOW, the 9/11 comparison is nowhere near as far fetched as the Haiti and Katrina and Iran earthquake comparisons.

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Thought, Bill...

Bill, if the target choice was based on what they thought was morally derelict, wouldn't they have chosen a big target in Las Vegas? Those hotel casino complexes have plenty of the things they dislike, from drinking to women performing in various states of undress.

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I don't know ...

How much thought went into the decision? Probably not much. From their perspective the 'Great Satan' has moral failures that go far beyond sexual excess or perversion. Our whole economic system is offensive. Our support for Israel is offensive. Our exploitation of their natural resources is offensive. It's all offensive.

IOW, my guess is that from their perspective, the whole country is morally bankrupt and therefore attacking any large symbol of American power or culture was equally appropriate.

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This was one of my favourite discoveries when I was trying

to find out about the hejab and all those other pieces of clothing. It was to prevent women from luring men who were inherently good and chaste, but just the sight of a woman's hair was encitement to rape and the total break-down of society. Basic Islamic assumption -- It's all women's fault. Men are without stain.

To paraphrase Jimi Hendrix, "Where-ever you are, let your hair fly free."


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not just Islam

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