Both the 6-Series and 7-Series have 120Hz. 3:2 pulldown only fixes odd-even issues, such as 24 frames per second to 60frames per second, which of course, divides unevenly.

The benefit of 120Hz is that 3:2 pulldown is unnecessary. 24Hz, 30Hz, and 60Hz all divide evenly into the 120Hz ability of the television. This eliminates the need for 3:2 pulldown, which actually takes away from the 24fps film look you?re looking for.

If you?re going to watch a 24fps movie, then the 120Hz with AutoMotion Plus off will simply display each of the 24fps 5 frames at a time. This eliminates converging half-cells and processing. So it can do what you?re looking for it to do.

That said, many people see the benefit of AutoMotion Plus, which can take a 24fps picture and make the motion smoother in fast motion. But it?s defeatable ? that is, totally up to how you do your settings.

Hope that helps!


Mr. Samsung