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Does Obama even know where Hawaii is ?

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Reporting: Does Obama even know where Hawaii is ?
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that's because Obama gets

"Affirmative Action" type press coverage.

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My favorite is The Obama & The Queen
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Was that "home video"?

Looks like it might have been on MSM.

Some think everything with Obama is on a 15 second MSM can block any gaffes from being seen by the public.

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I think it got a lot of play time in Britain

Maybe not so much here.

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Don't you mean

His most insulting 'gaffe" up til now/so far?

I know he's not done...neither are you, no one is.

he gets a walk/pass every time.'s terrible isn't it?

When the other guys are in power and don't get a pass...they just pretend they DID get a pass.

IF a person didn't watch the boob tube or read the papers, they'd never know if passes were being given out or not.

If you want the MSM to get you all riled up...check them out...if something is not there...get upset, if something is there....get upset.

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Yes, it's terrible

how slanted the MSM is regarding liberals...however, I don't get riled up about it. I write Letters to the Editors (most get printed fortunately even though our local newspaper is also very liberal) to let my area at the very least get a picture of both sides. Also fortunate is that conservatism is coming back, stronger, more determined to be heard and listened to, and more quickly than the liberals anticipated over the last couple of years.

Since very few of the liberal/left politicians have a record they can stand on (only the moderate Dems have been compromising on BO's policies and agendas), the only plan they have is one of attack with any methods that they deem will work. This next year will be the dirtiest campaign coming from the left ever seen, but the conservatives have been warned and gearing up for that for awhile now.

Chris Christie, on a Facebook video message, yesterday had exactly the right message. "Don't get sure of yourself just because BO's numbers are in the tank. The BO who campaigned four years ago, and hasn't been seen since elected, is back in campaign mode. It's what he does best because he's bad at everything else. He has a tremendous amount of money, will spend it on whatever ads will get him elected again, they will play dirty because it's all they know, and they do it well."

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RE: to let my area at the very least
to let my area at the very least get a picture of both sides.

Can we expect the same to happen here in SE?
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RE: the dirtiest campaign coming from the left ever seen,
the conservatives have been warned and gearing up for that for awhile now.

I'm glad to see the right is going to take the high road.
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This is The One! There has to be a valid REASON why he made that boo boo, He is so perfect!

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(NT) sarcasm... never heard that here before. ^_^
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Don't know where you got that idea

I don't know anyone who thinks he can do no wrong. I can think of plenty of people who think he can do no right though, and can barely manage to give him credit for obvious victories like killing bin Laden.

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BO didn't kill Bin Laden

the SEALS did....he gave the order....and the intel all came from Bush policies that BO was at least smart enough to leave in place (and continues to do so even though BO campaigned against all of them)

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(NT) See what I mean, Glenda?
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No Josh, I don't

I have never once seen you give any Republican the benefit of the doubt, But if the man is a Dem you always have an excuse ready. What I am trying to say, is that you are as bad as and Republican about the way you defend yor party. That's all. everyone is biased to their own belief. And that is why I am sick of politics.

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Utter nonsense

We've gone down this road before and I see nothing's changed. I've criticized Democrats and defended Republicans plenty of times. And no, I'm not going to list them.

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RE: the intel all came from Bush policies
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RE: There has to be a valid REASON why

[url=]what I am against is
all the political bashing. I am so tired of the arguments, lies and
half lies that go on. I won't even discuss politics here in my own home
anymore. I have decided none of them know the truth!

And the REASON YOU changed YOUR mind IS?

You can't talk politics at you do it here?

Tired of arguing with your family?....COME ON DOWN!!!!!!'re the next participant.

None of YOUR family know the truth?

You can't enlighten them and you think you're going to enlighten people hundreds or thousands of mile away?

I love it.....

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hundreds or thousands of mile away?

Who? LMAO!

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OH...I don't know............. Josh?

Does he live in Arizona?

Would he live more than 200 miles away from you?

Would he live more than 1000 miles from you?

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I waited

to make this post. I dislike the way you take something and twist it beyond all recognition, Others have noticed how you do this too. That's all

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