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Does Obama even know where Hawaii is ?

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Reporting: Does Obama even know where Hawaii is ?
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And once again.....

....a verbal slip is being compared with a guy who sat there trying to think of an answer to a question and fumbled over it for nearly a minute. Wait, that could be either Cain or Perry; maybe I should clarify....


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(NT) But Cain wasn't BORN in Libya LOL
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LOL!, "it's all verbal slips, really, honestly, must be..."

Maybe he just sees a lot of Asian faces there and thinks he's over by Honshu or Tawain when he's in Hawaii. If you grew up in some predominately black areas in America, could you be forgiven to believe you are somewhere in Africa? Oh gosh, the more I think about this, the funnier it gets..... Happy Laugh

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Maybe Obama suffers from;
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Or lack of a Prompter.

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I see FOX News is STILL in denial.

Mr. Obama also lists Hawaii as his birthplace,

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You don't call him President Obama....and I got called on the carpet here for calling him BO. Maybe we DO agree on something after all....he isn't to be respected enough to give him the title.

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RE: You don't call him President Obama
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According to Obama now...

...he was born someplace in Asia.

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(NT) got a link?
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someone already provided

the rest is a process of reasoning. If you believe you were born in Hawaii and you believe that's in Asia, then you believe you were born in Asia. Now, was that so hard to deduce? Sometimes I really wonder....

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So where do YOU believe he was born.

THAT'S what I wonder.

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What matters

is where does BO believe he was born? Stands to reason that if you are literally standing on your own 'turf', you would know what the name of it is, doncha think?

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This is beyond hilarious

Herman Cain unable to recall what our position is re: Libya is excusable. Rick Perry unable to recall his own campaign proposals is excusable. But Obama saying "Asia" by accident isn't.

Pass the popcorn!

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Hey, I'm glad

you finally managed to lump them all together! That's improvement.

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What is really beyond hillarious

is that liberals call BO's (or any other liberal/left/Democrat) gaffes 'an accident' or 'slip of the tongue' but a conservative/right/Republican/Tea Party member's gaffes are 'inexcusable', 'a deal changer', 'racist', etc., etc.

For some reason, I keep picturing the televised podium speech that BO was preparing to give when the Presidential Seal attached to the podium fell to the floor........hope springs eternal.

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Examples, please

I'm curious to know what you consider an innocent gaffe that was called those things.

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One comes to mind immediately

Michelle Bachmann....John Wayne

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Agreed, that was silly

It was unfortunate that it happened to involve a serial killer, but otherwise it wasn't any big deal. She's said MUCH dumber things than that. Wink

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On second thought....

....nobody ever said that was anything more significant than a gaffe. Nobody suggested she was celebrating the life of John Wayne Gacy, or that her comment was "inexcusable" or any of those other adjectives.

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What I tried to get across to Josh, But he can't see it. Too bad

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Please leave me out of your fantasy world, Glenda

I don't "see" it because it's only there in your and Toni's vivid imaginations.

And y'know, for someone who keeps saying she has a distaste for politics, you sure inject yourself into a lot of political threads. Just sayin'.....

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A lot?

Josh I haven't even been here to make a lot of anything. I am not talking about politics, I am talking about the way people think, NOT just Democrats or Liberals but Republicans too. I don't know why you can't see that. Hint I am sick of politics because they are all the same, slam the side you don't agree with.

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RE: if you are literally standing on your own 'turf

IF it was me?...Doing all the frequent flying he does?...I wouldn't know where in **** I was.

James said

If you believe you were born in Hawaii and you believe that's in Asia, then you believe you were born in Asia.

Obama NEVER said he "believes Hawaii is in Asia".

Obama said "here in Asia" while he was in Hawaii.

He could have said "Here at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum"

He would been correct to say "here in the Pacific" then James would say Obama was born in the ocean and then I would have said that Sponge Bob Square Pants was Obamas father, since they both live in the Ocean. I'm going after James Job.

"Obama born in Asia" and "Hawaii is in Asia"...are just 2 more in the long list of the National Enquirer headlines that James writes.

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wow, is this the best titfortat y'all could come up with ?

Is the "I know you are but what am I?" intellectual level of discourse the best that modern conservative journalism can come up with right now ?

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teacher! teacher!

Josh started it! Mischief

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Re: Asia

Both and say it's neither in Asia nor in America. It's in between.

Anybody saying it isn't Asia (with implying that it must be Americ, because American presidents must be naturally born Americans) apparently is mixing up geography (where is it located) and state politics (to what country does it belong).

It's like French Guyana. That's a department of France politically while being part of South-America geographically.
And Hawaii is a state of the USA (politically) while being part of Oceania geographically.
Nothing wrong with that.


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It's not part of Asia
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BO's most insulting 'gaffe'

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