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Does it harm a computer if it's left on 24 / 7

I've had conflicting advice on this question.

Some people tell me it's better for the computer to be left on, rather then having it reboot every day.

Others say that leaving the computer running 24 / 7 will wear down the fans faster (which is bad) and will burn out the CPU / VID CPU faster.

I've left my system running for several days at a time, and I have noticed system OS degradation (i.e. windows is slower, HD takes longer to seek info), but doesn anyone have an informed answer to this question?

System specs:

P4 2.4 ghz, 1 gig ram, 2 HDDS, 2 Optical drives (1 CD-R/W, 1 DVD-R/W) 1 extra internal fan, running Winblows XP Screwed-Up pack 2.

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Get ready. . .

for your post to be locked. There are about a gazillion opinions on the same question. Please search for some of the threads. From what I've seen and read, the opinion is about 50/50.

But here's a fact. Any system needs to be rebooted every so often so memory cache can be cleared.


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In my case

I boot up at 5:30 AM and turn it off at bedtime. My work PC has to saty on 24/7 for updates, but I find that I need to re-boot at least once per week or things start getting squirrelly.

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it wont hurt it

i've been leaving my gateway 820GM on for weeks at a time. i run folding@home and also aim. just keep dust out of it with a dust filter or something.


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Here's the discussion. (Locking this thread)

There's a long discussion about that and we lock this after noting a current open discussion to prevent forum bloat.

"For 500+ Opinions On The Subject..

...see the link below for lots of information about whether to turn off or not...:

CNET Computer Off or On Link

I turn all our computers off at night, if nothing more than to save power and dust accumulation.

The rest is up to you.

Hope this helps.

Grif "

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