I don't know about the other models listed up there, but I purchased the MFC-L6750DW for a department in my company and literally they've sent me 4 of the same model (3 were refurbished replacements for the original one) and none were good. The first I purchased lasted several months but less than a year so that I could avail myself of the warranty. The 2nd last a couple of months before it too had the same creased pages as the first. The 3rd had a different problem in that it the touch pad was bad so that I could do nothing with the multi function printer but print. Without the touch screen you can do anything else. The 4th they sent was worse than all the ones before in that the roller was ripped on the inside and it was broken the very next day after receiving. I'm done with Brother printers. This reflects badly upon me as one who does the purchasing for the company.