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Does anyone have experience using NETTAPES video service?

Does anyone have experience using video conversion service?

My Sony 8mm camcorder broke down recently and i have been trying to figure out a way to preserve my old 8mm analog tapes. I thought of buying an camcorder that would play the old tapes, then use an interface, either fireware or usb, (depending on the model of camcorder) to transfer the image to my computer. I don't expect to do a lot of editing, i just don't want to lose the memories these tapes have; I would save them to DVD.

Just finding the right camcorder is very confusing. Then should i use a capture device, (PCI card, Dazzle Record, etc). Or should i make sure the camcorder does some sort of pass through conversion, what a mess. Then i stumbled across

For $9.95 they will convert 8mm to DVD. They offer an editable DVD for 7.95. They also have web sharing capabilities for $14.95 a tape.

Before i try the service i wondered if anyone has try using them. I can't tell how long they have been in business, there is not any reviews about their support, and customer satisfaction.

Let me know...

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Nettapes video service

Hi Bob, FYI~ I'm in the process of using nettapes. So far as now I still do not know what to say about them hopefully I can tell you more by next week. I think, I did do a stupid thing and sent all of my tapes at one time. Looking back I think I would of sent just one tape for starter's. Of course I shipped 10 tapes on 12/15 over the Holidays and there 10 day to 2 week turn around now turned into one month? Which scares me. However they have been on top of there e-mails even before I decided to use them, the price is what caught my eye. And I sat here for 2-4 days wondering is that old saying true, "if it sounds to good to be true, it probabley is to good to be true"? Or you get what you pay for? I have called and they total me to e-mail my requested, that they could not do anything over the phone for my order. The last e-mail said, I should have them by next week? I did go as far as looking into the BBB on one day to do research, dead end. I looked up the service by address and another dead end! So hold off, until I post again, I still have a little voice in my head, wonder? How long do I wait? Good - Luck with your choice, I do know wal-mart offers vhs to dvd but twice the price. Hope this helps ~ Debi

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Nettapes video service

Thanks for the update. I thought about this service again just this morning. I was propbably going to give it a try with one tape i have that only has about an 1 hour worth of filming.
If i was to try converting one tape, if i had all of the equipment, i could see spending a couple of days doing just one tape. So maybe the lenght of time is not unreasonable.
What did you order? Are you going for the Sharepak? how many DVDs did you order? Did you order an editable DVD, or just a DVD-R?
Keep us posted, thanks

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Nettapes video service

Hi Bob, I did order 10 dvd's (as they told me ~ it does not matter if there is 1 hour, 15 minutes or 2 hours used on the tape. You place the order on the form as 1 dvd -- and on the order form it did not offer anything other than dvd, or share pak with dvd set -- up, as far as editing before I ordered they told me to e-mail what I needed done along with the order # and they would look into it. They did return my e-mail twice (a.s.a.p.) before sending out my order, however I have e-mail about 6 times after the initial and it seems longer to get an answer (reply time no longer then a day or two. In other words out of the 10 dvd's, I probably end up with 7-9 hours on tapes. Sounds like this morning you were feeling more comfortable, while I have been wondering if this is a scam? I don't know and I'm very embarrassed to say, I'm usually a very wise consumer. Until now! ~~ I will keep you updated with info. Debi

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Hi Bob, FYI ~~ I did received my tapes, that I had converted to dvd's. Netapes came through for me. They did a great job, for the money. The only thing is that there is no menu to the dvd. It start's in the beginning whatever you have on the tape/dvd and run straight through, I sent 10 tapes and 10 dvds came back each numbered 1-10. (I Made an index for each dvd numbered, so everyone would know what they are going to be watching. I would use them again. Just wish they didn't take so long to copy.

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I'm happy to hear you got your tapes back...

I'm happy to hear you got your tapes back... not to mention your DVDs. Maybe the Christmas rush is over, and it will only take a couple of weeks to receive orders.
The website FAQ mentions there will be 15 minute chapter breaks on the DVD, but no menu. Does your DVD have breaks?
I think i will try ordering a "Editable" DVD, and see if i can add my own menu.
Thanks for the update. I will update this thread with my results to see if there are any niblers out there.

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Stay away from NETTAPES

I've just completed a bad experience with Like the other people here, I sent my tape off, and all seemed great at the beginning. I got an email from them saying the tape arrived and it would be about 2 weeks before they would get it transferred. After 2 weeks had passed, I wrote them an email asking for a follow up. They replied pretty quickly and said that due to the holidays they were a little behind but expected to ship my DVD by the weekend. That was the last response I ever received. I followed up again 2 weeks later with another email...with no response...then again a week later, with no response. My wife called the number on the email, and a man with a thick India accent repeated the "we are backed up because of the holidays" excuse. Then he said he could not respond to us and that we would have to use email to correspond. My wife explained that we haven't received any recent responses to our emails and he just went into a robot response mode and kept repeating until we hung up. I did follow up with more emails and no responses. I tried calling a few more times and only got an old fashioned sounding answering machine. The outgoing message on the answering machine repeated that they were backed up because of the holidays...even though it is well into February now. I left messages both times asking them to send my tape back and to refund my money and gave them the account number, etc. Finally nearly 6 weeks later, I received an email that said they were having troubles transferring my tape and wanted to know what I wanted to do. I responded saying..."please return the tape and refund the money". No response. A week later, I received an email saying "your order is complete and is shipping out today". I didn't know what to think...they pretty much ignored my request to return and refund my money. But I figured maybe they fixed the problem. When the DVD arrived, I popped it in, and yep...there was a problem alright. The audio was fine, but the video was only on the left side of the screen. More the half the screen was a digital mess. The transfer was totally useless. They did not refund my money and I have no DVD of the tape.

I plan on fighting this even though it's only $14 I lost. I don't like poor customer service, and that's what this company has...poor customer service...and a poor product.

In my opinion, I think it's a side business somebody set up in their garage with a few tape machines and when they actually started getting multiple orders they discovered they were in way over their heads. If they are so swamped...hire a few more people and do the job right.

Until they grow up a little...stay away from

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Unfair customer

Hi, I am from NetTapes and I would like to take an oppotuninty to respond to the previous post. This customer sent us a defective tape that he is not able to play properly on his player. He mentioned in the instruction box while ordering that his tape has a problem and he can not watch most of it. As a policy we do not accept defective tapes, and if we find any tapes not playing properly we return them back and refund the full conversion price. In this case our staff tried to see if he can recify the problem with the video, but couldn't. So we sent the tape back and refunded him for the conversion price. But they also sent the DVD that they created while trying to rescue the video(they should have just thrown it out) as a courtesy. The customer was notified that his tape was defective and we are not able convert it and he also was given a full refund for the conversion price. The customer was not happy that he got a bad DVD from us and posted the above note. He chose not to mention that he sent us a tape that is not working properly. He also got back his tape and a refund. So we think we treated him fairly. You decide for yourself if that is tha case or not.

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Not unfair at all

Another company was able to transfer it with no problem.

Even if it was a defective tape...that had nothing to do with the very bad communication and lack of responses...and the lie about shipping it out 4 weeks earlier.

Just a horrible company.

Just to be honest...they said they were going to refund a portion of the money...$9.95 (the transfer fee) and not the shipping.

If everything else about this company was good...that would probably be acceptable. But since they were horrible on all levels, I expect a full refund.

Since I've written the review, I've received many emails from them the past few days...mostly unproffesional claiming the lack of response wasn't due to negelegence etc. They did admit they are having growth problems and are behind because they weren't staffed to handle the demand.

Just wish the responded BEFORE there was a problem.

In conclusion my review was all true and completely fair. They even admitted some of the problems in their emails to me. They are just scared.

I will be posting my FAIR review on many other boards as well.

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I am from NetTapes, and would like to respond again with facts.

In cases where the customers send us defective tapes that we can not convert, we return the tapes and refund the full conversion fee. In his case, we refunded $9.95 the full conversion fee for one tape. We were fair and we did our part.

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Not Facts...lies wasn't a defective tape...idiot Nettapes person. It was successfully transferred by another company. The camera was defective...but again that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the poor service, communication, etc I received from NETTAPES...NOTHING. Trying to side track this into a topic of a defective tape will not work.

You didn't even read my comment I sent with the tape that asked for some help with it unil 6 weeks after you received it. I asked several times for the tape to be returned and that I no longer wanted your service...all to be ignored. How in the hell does that relate to whether or not a tape is defective? Are you actually saying that you received the tape on Jan. 5...determined it was defective then and purposefully ignored my calls and emails for 6 weeks until you decided to send me an email saying you were having trouble with the transfer and asked what you should do? Idiots. You know what the other company that did it said? All they had to do was adjust the tracking on their playback machine and it was fine. What kind of idiots are there at this place that didn't even try that?

Now they claim they have a policy that if there is a defective tape they don't even bother (even though mine wasn't defective)...yet they still emailed me and asked what they should do. When I answered...they still ignored me.

I gave a 100% truthfull and accurate summary of my experience with If they are so worried about what I say here...why in the world don't they answer their emails? And why do they post a phone number if they barely answer the phone and refuse to answer questions when they do? What kind of service is this?

On a side note, why does this company as well as others hate answering the phone these days? What's so bad about talking to your customers? This tells me they know they are doing bad and are expecting to get yelled at so they don't even bother answering the phone anymore.

Just bad bad people to work with.

My experience with Nettapes tells me something though...there is a demand for transferring tapes to DVD out there. All you need are a few machines hooked up to a computer that can burn DVDs. There was so much of a demand that NETTAPES has gone from a 2 week turnaround to a 2 month turnaround because of the demand and they can't handle it.

I recommend starting up a competing service and offer everything they good customer service and you will crush these losers at Nettapes. I know I'm strongly considering it.

Let's see if Mr. Nettapes (who leaves off his/her name on these posts and on my emails) will post again...and continue to ignore the other customers who are waiting for their responses.

Get over it Mr. did bad...and you know it.

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Google search Nettapes

I'm just happy that whenever somebody does a google search on that this review pops up as one of the top sites besides the main site. Many people will see this review. Maybe it will help cut their business down to a level they can handle.

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Just realized that Mr. Nettapes told a lie

I just realized that in Mr. Nettapes original post he told a lie. Nettapes said "The customer was notified that his tape was defective and we are not able convert it and he also was given a full refund for the conversion price."

This is a lie. They did send me an email that said they were having problems and asked for my advise. Then ignored it. The next communication I received was an email saying my order was COMPLETE and was shipping out...whith no mention that it wasn't really complete.

They did not offer a refund (still yet to receive it) until after I sent a nasty email asking what they hell they were doing...and after I posted the message here (check the date and time Mr. Nettapes...your refund offer wasn't until afterword.)

This is the type of company and people you are going to deal with if you decide to use NETTAPES.COM

You have been warned.

They are not a member of the Better Business Bureau, but I did file a petition to have them listed in their service, as well as and a few other sites.

Did I mention I hate bad customer service?

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No response from Nettapes

I also am very concerned about nettapes. I sent tapes to them January 14th, they billed my credit card January 15th, and received my tapes (return receipt stamp) January 18. I had not heard from them since. I have sent 2 emails and not received a response. They do not publish a phone number, but an old web link shows (866)-374-5884. However this phone has a message saying send an email.

I just sent a nastier email to all the email addresses on their site and the did reply almost immediately in the past hour saying they would look into it. Suggest those inquiring use that email as well as the that I initially used and was unresponsive.

I will update if I hear something, or file a fraud claim!

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Sounds familiar

My tape was received on Jan. you are a couple weeks behind me. I wouldn't expect to hear anything from them for another 2 to 4 weeks.

They are too busy posting here and telling me I'm not being fair instead of replying to your emails.

Hey Mr. unknown Nettapes guy...why don't you help out this customer?

Why do you have a phone number if you don't use it? I notice they have taken their phone number off the website.

BTW...there were 2 phone numbers listed at the bottom of the email I received that said my order was complete along with this message:

"If you have any questions, please call us at (866)-374-5884 Or (512)-535-1829 or email us at"

Too bad we all do have questions and they don't answer their phones and don't plan on answering any questions they receive.

Save your emails...those are easier to document then a phone call anyway.

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Nettapes India

I just found out that there is a It has the same graphics etc. I also notice that somebody from nettapes likes to visit sites that talk about competing business and a guy named RAJA tells people try out Nettapes instead. So putting this together...a guy with a think India accent answers the phone rude to my wife...RAJA...Nettapes India. This is a foreign company that has come to America.

I saw one of those Morgan Spurlock specials called "30 Days" that focused in on the call centers in India taking jobs away from Americans. And they went into detail about how people from India have to be trained on how to interact with Americans. The special also made note that in India, men treat women diffently then the men in America and it's hard for them to respect woman as equals and usually talk down to them. So if they are going to be hired at a call center that takes American calls, they have to be trained on how to deal with Americans.

It sounds like Nettapes is an India Company and they haven't gone through this training. American customers like good customer service and don't like to be talked down too.

So maybe they aren't to blame as much as I thought...people from India are just used to giving bad customer service. Maybe it's a good idea they stay off their phone lines...they are probably making a lot of people angry when they try to talk to them.

I'm all for a loving non-Americans and world peace and a multi-culteral long as everybody treats everybody nicely & respectfully...this means genders too...and does include responding to somebody when they are talking to you.

I'm also beginning to think my original guess on it being a garage business is more accurate then I really thought. It sounds like it's a one-man band...Raja is sending out these posts and answering his own phone occasionally, and trying to do it all...and he is drowning.

Raja, may I recommend shutting down your business temporarily and going to one of these classes that teaches you how to work with the American Culture before starting up again. Or hire people that understand customer service the way Americans like it.

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About NetTapes

It seems that MrSitcom (unfair customer) is bent on spreading misinterpretation about our company NetTapes without having facts. We are beginning to wonder if he has some hidden agenda that we do not understand.

We are a professional company with a large and happy customer base. It is true that this holiday season we experienced a explosive order increase (even accounting for seasonality of the business). Customers love our pricing and product offerings. We do plan and staff for seasonal business increases. But it does happen that sometimes there is a time crunch particularly around the holidays eason. We are open to our customers about this. We do care for our customers and we do offer good customer service. We are not perfect and we work hard on improving all the time. We are also honest when we make mistakes.

Re. NetTapes India, we do have similar thriving business in India (video is huge there) and we may expand into other countries as well. Does this sound like a one man garage operation as this unfair customer suggests? We have deep expertise in this area. Stay tuned for more innovative and awesome products and services from us that will transform this industry.

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More about NetTapes

BTW, NetTapes is an US (California) coproration that expanding worldwide including India. It is an AMERICAN company.

MrSitcom, you do not know anything about NetTapes. So stop spreading this misinformation.

Also, stop your racist rants about Indian people and culture. This is offensive. This doesn't project you in a good light.

All this time you are spending on spreading this misinfomation about our company tells us that you have nothing better to do. GET A LIFE!

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Get a life?

You are posting here too Raja. If I don't have a life...either do you. Why don't you help your customers who are trying to contact you?

Where is my refund you promised?

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Doesn't project you in a good light

I don't think talking about a documentary I saw about a a culture can be considered a "racist rant". If you talk about the differences between men and women...that doesn't automatically me you a sexist either.

Feel free to watch that was episode 2 of season 2 of a show called "30 Days" on FX. The episode was called "outsourcing".

Thanks for worrying about whether or not I'm projecting myself in a good light or not...but I'd rather you worry about yourself and your company. Not replying to people that are talking to you has already projected you in a bad light.

If you really believed you have a strong customer base that is happy with your service...why in the world are you worried about my little review?

I know how you can fix the situation...answer your phone. Reply to your customer emails with truthful information shortly after their emails come to your inbox. If somebody has left a message on your answering them back shortly after the time they left it. Actually listen to your phone messages and read your customers emails.

Your time would be served better doing that then posting messages to me here.

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Now there's a good example of good customer relations.

I have no idea what your product is, but I will put it on my avoid list.

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Not an unfair customer

Why do you keep saying I'm an unfair customer? Is it because I expected you to reply to my emails and treat me like a human? Is that unfair? Maybe in India, but not here in America. If that's not what you mean...explain what is unfair with a truthful account of how your business handled my transaction.

I still haven't seen the refund. You've told lies several times on this message board. THAT is unfair. You know you were bad. You even admitted it. But you continue to be condensending and not really take responsibilities for your companies lack of communication and service.

How do you offer good customer service. I'm not the only one complaining about your lack of communication. Lack of communication is BAD costumer service. You show how dumb you are if you continue to say things that aren't true. YOU ARE WRONG. You have bad customer service. I experienced it. I have told the story here. Other people have told their stories. It's bad service RAJA. Just bad. What will it take for you to admit it? You are not honest with your mistakes. You lied several times. You did not send me a tape with a refund. I still don't have the refund. I had to contact you and explain what happend. You don't even know. Yet you say you are honest...and you lie right here. That is not good customer service.

Why don't you answer your phones?
Why are you not helping the other person who just posted here that never received one email in response. At least I got a couple.

These are questions that I'd like to know?

I'd like to stay tuned for more innovative approaches to communication from your company.

By the way...where is my refund? Liars.

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To NetTapes:

I have reviewed this entire thread, and although I may have handled some of the communications differently, I have found no racist comments as you claimed in your complaint. Therefore, I have decided to leave this thread as it currently exists. However, I do see tempers getting a little frayed and will lock this thread. If you think I am in error, you may email me through my profile.

and life goes on...


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sounds "very" familiar

ha ha ha....

Looks like a classic case of ganging up on the net. The racism bubbles forth. The world has all kinds of wierdos....

No I havent used any of the companys service (so cant tell if its good or bad) Just passing by....have fun boys Happy

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Weirdos and racism

Nice call from a hit and run comment. If I'm a weirdo for wanting good customer service and posting what happened to be it. But I have yet to see a good review about Nettapes.

BTW...India is a country...and they have a's not a race thing. I was speaking of different cultures. Men and woman are different too. Asking somebody to be nice to Americans is not racism. Being American is not a race. America is made up of many races...and I'm sure India is too.

When I visit other countries, I know there will be a culture difference, and try to learn about the differences so I don't offend anybody.

Raja hasn't done this.

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