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Do you think these bullet-resistant shields will work?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / June 10, 2014 11:27 AM PDT
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School shootings
by aeparker / June 10, 2014 12:21 PM PDT

When I was in grade school, it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I'm in Atlanta, and Everyone thought that the Russians were gonna shoot nukes at us, so we learned to duck and cover under our desks and spent a year or so in fear for our lives.

School shootings, on the other hand, do happen, unlike nuclear weapons. Maybe if the media stops naming them and stops showing their pics - unless they are still at large - the current shooting craze will stop. School, mall, workplace, military base! Start calling all those nut cases "the shooter", don't show their picture, and see if it doesn't stop.

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Stop the killing
by lposi / June 10, 2014 12:27 PM PDT

Get rid of the "Gun Free Zones" These cowards don't go to anywhere they'll be stopped, they go to the areas where they can kill at will. The blankets would have to be all over the schools, within easy reach of everyone and enough of them to cover all the students. Not very feasable.

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by James Denison / June 10, 2014 12:43 PM PDT

but I bet someone will give a good bribe to some officials in school districts who will then demand they be ordered and put in all the schools.

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They Might Offer Some Protection, but Impractical Overall
by bobh007 / June 10, 2014 12:52 PM PDT

As much airplay as school shootings get, and as tragic as they might be, the odds are quite small of being involved. It's tough if you are one of the small odds. But there are cost and logistical issues with the concept. Once purchased, where would they be stored? Or would each student be expected to strap one on their back when they walked in the door and take it off when they left for the day? In the heat and humidity of the summer, even law enforcement officers toy with the idea of leaving off their body armor, even if their agency requires that it be worn.

But when it all goes down, the best thing an unarmed person can do is get out of the area as fast as possible, or find secure shelter in place, and call for help.

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Metal detectors or a guard at every door!
by metaluna / June 10, 2014 1:11 PM PDT

Schools should be treated like private guarded residences. There are much better safety ideas.

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by JCitizen / June 10, 2014 1:49 PM PDT

We've had more kids killed by tornadoes that any crazy nut! So These might work for schools that are are still trying to raise money to build very expensive "safe rooms" for tornadoes. Seems like these safe rooms would be good for nut cases going wild too! Schools that complete their safe rooms could let the state issue the "blankets" to other schools that are short - some kind of system for priority would have to be established because of the expense to the taxpayers.

But quite frankly we need better entry security at our schools and resource officers who can put these animals down! Don't have the money for them? TRAIN A DESIGNATE!! I have yet to see one of these incidents where SOMEBODY didn't know they were going off their rocker but no body could do anything about it!! Why do we think being crazy gives one the right of a tyrant to go off the kill everybody! Look folks ALL WE NEED IS DUE PROCESS!! This covers all the constitutional problems - simply make a law that certain public officials have the power to call a review of someone either they, a family member, or professional mental health worker, so that an impromptu hearing can determine if someone needs short term observation at a safe facility, to make absolutely sure the person is not going ballistic. Since this is not a crime, but a public safety issue, the judge would have great discretion to immediately release this individual, but the law should allow him to at LEAST temporarily confiscate ALL weapons found anywhere on this person's domicile, INCLUDING relatives if need be!! This would only be temporary until mental health professionals could issue a report to the court, with time constraints, to either identify the individual as no threat, or someone who needs enforced medication, etc. Anyone needing ENFORCED treatment or therapy, can have officers check their weapons at the police department or other trusted agency for a future date when it is deemed this individual can have his rights restored. There again, this action will be on the burden of the state just like a criminal proceeding, but will not be a criminal charge, but some other legal category with the same force of law to assure public safety.

All avenues will have 2nd Amendment safeties and rights of review to reinstate rights the individual already possesses - so we do need a mechanism for relief of disability for folks who fall into this situation, so that abuse of government power cannot win over the individual freedom - but in the end, this individual must cooperate with court requirements to keep mental health in check for at LEAST a year! Then they could put a expiration in place if the civil rights organizations feel their should be a time limit. This process could be immediately repeated at each anniversary if officials can still provide proof of dangerous actions/statements/behaviors by the suspect.

It is probably a LOT more economical to control the occasional nut case that all this ridiculous discussion about dumping our 2nd Amendment rights just because nut cases decide to abuse them!! RIDICULOUS!

I like all the comments made thus far - I hope any subsequent discussion can be somewhat civil, although talk of taking my guns,. ammo, and magazines is fighting words to everyone I know everywhere I live!!! Angry

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by btour / June 10, 2014 2:29 PM PDT

If kids are killing kids, the society needs to examine the root causes (proactive), and not come up with these ridiculous solutions that are reactive. Guns are not the problem; the problem is having a human willing to take someone else's life. Be it with a gun or not, the idea of wanting to kill is disturbing. The only way to solve this issue is by tackling the root cause, and not by eliminating the surrounding artifacts and building defense, principally when we are inland. It is not normal for a human to want to kill someone unless it is for self-defense. So let's do our homework and forget about bullet proof blankets as a new revenue stream for Silicon Valley sharks betting on a fashion wave.

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Hard to believe its actually a topic
by Gpeeters / June 10, 2014 2:30 PM PDT

But if you want to raise the money for it, let's add a tax on the bullets!, maybe even a progressive one; higher for assault rifle ammo.....
Or just stand up and advocate for more spending on mental health and actual periodic background checks for owners of guns (say, for instance, 3 references from friends who will vouch for the sanity of the gun owner every few years). But that might require some courage from our representatives in the Govt. unlikely a prospect as sending your kids to school with a gun proof security blanket...thinking that will keep them safe.

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They will not!
by Kostagh / June 10, 2014 2:39 PM PDT

And the reason is mainly the fact that although they may (I said MAY!) stop the bullet from penetrating the body, the kinetic energy of the projectile will still be absorbed by the body. A child is more frail and easier to hurt than an adult. Therefore, it would be like the force of a baseball bat strike would be concentrated on less than tenth of a square inch. Broken bones, lacerations, maybe even internal organ damage, internal bleeding and such. No. It may be even worse. On the other hand, the real actual way of stoping this would be to ban all firearms usage to the general public. I live in a country that has this type of legislation enforced (in Europe) and we have NEVER had ANY type of shooting in schools. NEVER!
I think you should understand that, as long as firearms are easily accessible by kids, THEY WILL use them.

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by btour / June 10, 2014 4:58 PM PDT
In reply to: They will not!

Two weeks ago there was a shooting in Belgium. Your comment has no foundation. Banning guns is a reactive action, while the real action would be to avoid the fact that humans want to kill other humans. That's the real cause of all sadness. Easy fix to ban things when the problem is deeper than you can realize. Soon, knives will also be banned if we follow your rationale. Good job.

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We've seen how Europe "takes care" of their citizens
by ppmyers / June 11, 2014 1:52 AM PDT
In reply to: They will not!

And who will you turn to the next time your (or another European) government starts killing you off by the millions. Yep. Those gun-loving Americans. And then we'll save your butts (again) and then you'll look down your noses at us again. I think I saw this movie before.
Statistically, your children are far more likely to be killed by your government than by some nut with a gun.

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Gun totin' Americaaan citizens spring to our defense???
by Barjars / June 11, 2014 8:05 AM PDT

Most gun totin' Americans would not know where Europe or Australia are located in the world. It is not the gun crazed bogans who are valued world wide. It is the well trained and well resourced military.

The tragedy of this debate is that the US gun lobby have blinded the wider US community into thinking a weapon is for "defence". No! Any gun is for attack - it kills - automatic weapons have no place in a sane society.

The US ethic appears to punish rather than protect or God forbid - prevent.

The US seems so insular it cannot comprehend that the Rest of the World is laughing at your collective stupidity.

Get rid of the guns and you won't need compulsory kevlar school uniforms.


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Defense, with an 's'
by btour / June 11, 2014 3:47 PM PDT

In the US we say 'defense', with an 's'. And we will defend ourselves - and yourself. You are so arrogant that I think I would be more afraid of you, rather than of a crazy kid with a gun.

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Will bulletproof shields protect children during school shoo
by aridart / June 10, 2014 3:00 PM PDT

Maybe! Depending on whether the child has the shield with him or her when the shooting occurs - the child may be in a gym class or another class, and not have the shield available, or close enough to grab in an emergency! Also, the weight of the shield might be a hindrance - an effective device would have to weigh at least what a combat flack vest would weigh. Also, the panic that sets in when an event like this occurs might ruin the child's ability to think straight. Again, the type of weapon used might overpower the shield's protective advantage - weapons are getting more and more efficient and easier to kill with caliber-wise, not to mention much higher tech!

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Not a chance in hell!
by Barjars / June 10, 2014 5:07 PM PDT

You unfortunately live in the US - where you have a shooting once a week. Nuts bags on every corner will ensure they can kill your kids by buying bigger and better guns. This topic is only relevant where the deranged Government allows deranged idiots with automatic weapons to "protect" themselves against other deranged idiots with automatic weapons.

Wake up America


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And you?
by btour / June 11, 2014 3:53 PM PDT
In reply to: Not a chance in hell!

You probably live in a country where entrepreneurship and freedom are condemned. Be jealous, but don't preach in our backyard, you are just dimishing yourself.

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Oh no!
by crown54 / June 10, 2014 5:14 PM PDT

When all else fails - do the bleedin' obvious. Get rid of the guns. You don't need them and they are demonstrably dangerous.

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Bullet proof blankets - Waste Of Time and money
by PeterRW / June 10, 2014 5:54 PM PDT

The designers of the bullet proof shield seem to assume that (1) The gunman will be too busy chasing the kids running away, than bother about the ones huddled on the floor. and (2) The gunman won't have the intelligence to shoot under the blanket instead of through it.
Face it - Even if he is brainless enough to try shooting through it, the impact alone will be enough to kill a child.

I am glad I live in New Zealand & Australia where the governments have the guts to use gun control.
You really are a gun crazy, kill crazy nation. You have even still got the death penalty in most states.
If your government has no respect for life, why should it's people.

What's the saying "Live By The Gun - Die Buy The Gun" or "What you sow, so shall you reap."

If your politicians won't vote these guns out of circulation, then don't vote for the politician. You really bring it on yourselves.

Pete Walker

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Storage, retrieval, and training?
by Steven Haninger / June 10, 2014 7:00 PM PDT

Don't schools already have fire and tornado drills? We want to add active shooter drills? Of course all of this adds to administration and documentation time. Actually, the last program I saw on TV about survival of this type is suggesting that duck and cover is less preferred than looking to escape. I can see schools being built where every classroom has an emergency exit to the outside rather than congregate in the hallways under heavy blankets.

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by JCitizen / June 11, 2014 1:19 AM PDT

But they still have to go to the hallways or other designated structure during a tornado - this will not protect them against force 4 or 5 tornadoes though. Safe rooms are armored to protect against such storms. They also would be idea for keeping a mad man at bay, providing you can get enough of the children inside and not do something stupid like unlock the doors to let him in.

Putting children outside in a tornado storm would be definite suicide - for a mad man attack however, it might make sense.

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That wasn't what I had in mind. We're only talking about
by Steven Haninger / June 11, 2014 2:19 AM PDT
In reply to: Perhaps...

armed assault. Of course it would be stupid to run outside in a tornado unless you lived in a trailer but had a nearby ditch. The presentation I saw was more about how to survive a person when a shooter was already know to be in the building. Running around to find a protective blanket or have a teacher hand them out isn't going to be a good use of time, IMO. It also will be a handicap as far as mobility and sight. The program I saw suggested that escape from the school was a better choice than trying to herd yourselves into some corner where you can be picked off like fish in a barrel. The suggestion, should the shooter enter your classroom, was to have everyone pick things up and throw them at him while bolting for the door. It might take some effort to get a bunch of scared kids to do that but, in a way, it makes good sense. Properly implemented exit doors that go directly outside might not be a bad idea.

Collapse -
by JCitizen / June 12, 2014 2:07 PM PDT

on how the school is designed - I'm sure your right, but in recent incidents where the shooter was contained successfully, the school went on lockdown using pre-planned procedures that isolate the shooter from the children. If they went outside, the shooter could simply take pot shots at them from a window of the building In some instances though, I'm sure you are right. If a planned isolated room was used by the staff, these designated rooms could have these blankets stored in them. These would be entry resistant rooms of course, that just shooting at the door will not result in entry, but having the blankets in that room would be better than nothing. Defenders could even use them as shields to attack the shooter and get him off guard. Being armed is smarter, but for some reason the unreasonable news media have an anti- gun religion against anyone but SWAT police or Seal Team 6 warriors as being the only ones acceptable to use them.

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I'd make one more suggestion that I know has no chance
by Steven Haninger / June 12, 2014 7:02 PM PDT
In reply to: Depends..

and that's to minimize media coverage of such tragedies. It seems these suicide bent killers are attention seekers as well and are motivated by amount of time spent by news media who make their stories as graphic and emotionally charged as public decency can stomach. Take away that attention and I'd predict you'd see less of this...but it ain't gonna' happen.

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(NT) Totally agree!
by JCitizen / June 13, 2014 2:44 AM PDT
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Waste of effort
by Chinqupark12 / June 10, 2014 8:23 PM PDT

The pity of it is that you cannot go back in time and get rid of all those experts, who told the gullible public how to raise their children. I remember well, in the fifties and sixties, people like that Dr Spock, who thought children should be mollycoddled. And he was not the only one, there were hundreds of them.
I remember thinking " As you sow, so shall you reap"
We are now living in a world where growing up children are into the philosophy that guns will solve all problems.

I do not have an answer. No doubt we shall again go to those experts, who have an answer to everything. I have this belief that maybe, all those experts hated their mothers.


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Focus on NRA and gun control instead
by trek1028 / June 10, 2014 10:12 PM PDT

this country is always in the forefront when it comes to crying about shootings in our public schools. Instead of looking for alternatives such as bulletproof blankets, why not target the source of the problem: organizations like the NRA that promote the buying and owning of guns in the private sector. Why do we need them in the first place? We are not at war with anyone in our own country. I personally have never owned a gun and have no need for one. Yet
every day, it seems, I read about another shooting in a school somewhere in our country or about (I hate to even say it) shooting incidents occurring on our own military bases. (twice at the same one in Texas)
Control the NRA and the sale of guns and the solution is not far behind. Let the NRA tell us we have the right to bear arms (Constitution does grant that right) and anyone can get them. Regulations need to be toughened to prevent the wrong people from obtaining firearms and weapons and gun owners need to ensure that no one has access to their firearms or help someone obtain one illegally. Protect yourself, protect those you care about.

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Re: Focus..........
by Glenn51 / June 11, 2014 2:40 AM PDT

How can I put this as politely as possible WITHOUT getting censored by CNet? Hmmmm. Maybe I can get by with saying I hope they give you a extra large shovel to stoke the fires of Hades!
"IT IS NOT THE IMPLEMENT", it is the sick, depraved, moronic desire to cause someone GREAT bodily harm or death that is the problem! PERIOD!! Be it by guns, knives, baseball bats, poisons or bombs!! Regardless of the implement, if someone desires to kill someone they WILL try to succeed by whatever it takes to accomplish their goal! PERIOD!!
The NRA isn't the villain anymore then the AAA, GMC, Ford or Chrysler is for motor vehicle deaths( not caused by product defects)! Lets ban booze and cars for drunk driving deaths. Makes about as much sense????
"YOUR logic is "TOTALLY ILLOGICAL"! Shocked Like I stated before, "IT IS "NOT" THE IMPLEMENT"!! It is the sick desire to cause "GREAT BODILY HARM OR DEATH"!! Implement be damned!! Shocked
The NRA supports the 2nd Amendment for "law abiding citizens" to protect themselves from the psychopaths of society! They ARE NOT the problem, a sick, depraved society IS the problem! The LNM (Lame-stream News Media) is also a part of the problem as they give notoriety to these psycho's whether they live or die!! Ever hear of the phrase "15 minutes of fame"??
I don't have a 100%, iron clad, it will never happen again solution to problem. I wish I did!! Confused The blankets, safe rooms, etal are only stop gap solutions the the bigger problem(s) of a sick society! ALSO, read the 2nd Amendment. "IT DOES IN FACT GUARANTEE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS"!! No disrespect to our law enforcement men and women BUT their logo "To Protect and Serve" is usually about 20 to 30 minutes to late. Almost 100% of the time they are the mop up crew, the crime/ murder has already been committed and they try to collect evidence to find the perp!
We are at war, contrary to your thoughts! We are at war with the criminals/ sick/ wack-jobs of society!

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2nd Amendment
by Barjars / June 11, 2014 8:16 AM PDT
In reply to: Re: Focus..........

So how is the Second amendment working for you at the moment?

The score card looks something like this:

Dead Kids - Far too many - probably in the thousands;

School /University shoot outs: Far too many - probably in the hundreds

Dead Police Officers - Far too many - in the thousands

Dead Politicans - Perhaps not enough?

Armed invasions prevented - a big fat ZERO

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Do you know the purpose of the 2nd amendment
by Steven Haninger / June 11, 2014 9:51 AM PDT
In reply to: 2nd Amendment

and the history behind it? It doesn't have to do with preventing armed invasions from the outside. It was in response to government tyranny in the old country that involved seizure of weapons from citizens in order to neutralize them should they desire to revolt.

And to use your argument and logic, how are the anti-drug and anti drunken driving laws working in your neck of the woods? I'd say they're working fine if you're a scofflaw.

Collapse -
The Purpose of the 2nd amendment
by Barjars / June 11, 2014 4:53 PM PDT


I don't claim to be a student of your history, but that is just what it is - history. When was the last time the citizens of the US rose up against government tyranny? Are you saying the only reason that US government is not tyrannical is due to the widespread gun ownership? That must be very comforting!!

I am unfamiliar with the term "scofflaw" but the random breath testing here has been extremely effective in reducing (not eradicating) drink driving. We live in a drinking culture, yet the RBT works fine without the need for weapons.

Drug taking is a growing issue but armed citizens would have absolutely zero effect on usage or supply. The very sparse gun crime in Australia is confined largely to the criminal element who source weapons from overseas. We are currently experiencing a throw back to the behaviour you experienced some 20 -30 years ago: ie. cowards driving around at night firing illegal weapons at residential homes.

Due to their cowardice they have been very ineffective - very few injuries have been sustained. For the most part these episodes have been between the so-called (dis)organised crime gangs.

If we had the same freedom of gun ownership as the US I am sure every little dicked dumb **** would rush out and buy the latest and greatest killing appliance.

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