Do you need a Microsoft Account for "May" update

Long story short, I had already 'updated' to "May" via DVD, but I was having issues. So I reverted back to "October" update, via my backup disc. Everything was going smoothly, so Friday, June 7th, I went ahead and downloaded and installed "May" update via "Windows Update". No issues until I got to the 'sign-in' page. FYI: PC is working fine now.

In the past I have never used a "Microsoft account" to sign in, but I didn't see any option to bypass sign-in. I did, however, have a "Microsoft account" that I had made "way back when". Logged in and all went well.

Next week I plan to go to my sister's home and update her desktop pc. I have already found out how to create an account for her, but is this "necessary"? Is there another way. Will I/we be stuck with this Microsoft "log in" ?

Thanks in advance

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No Microsoft Login Account On ANY Win10 Comps Here..

...and I've not been required to sign in with a MS account login when doing these types of update/upgrades. On the other hand, I've seen a few computers which were originally setup with a MS account login but a local login was created afterward and used for normal operations. As such, there are two logins available for the computer. My daughter's computer is like that and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to change login users to the one that has a local login. I believe it should only happen one time at the end of the installation at the point where you need to log in to the computer for your normal use. As such, all available users should be listed in the lower left corner of the login screen. Choose the one you want. But the best option is to be sure and login with your normal, local login BEFORE you start the update/upgrade process. It then should be the default login after the restart.

Hope this helps.


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The ONLY time I needed that

Was for Microsoft's app store. But for login accounts? Nope.

But having written that I found Microsoft has moved the cheese at times with menu changes to how to create accounts so it make look like you need an account but here I keep looking until I find the SKIP or such link to create a local ADMIN account or which I always keep two which is the Sith way of things. Kidding sort of. But due to how Windows works we must keep a spare Admin account for the odd and thankfully rare issue of "corrupt profile." That and other issues can be fixed if you have a spare local admin account but most won't do that.

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Didn't see "skip" - I "really" "really" looked

And I do have a spare Admin account, that said, how can you get past this screen if you "don't" have a "Microsoft account". Like I said I "had" a Microsoft account so that's how I was able to get past this screen. I have had my "own" log in, being using the same, in like forever. Never have used a Microsoft log in account, except now of course. Since its a home computer and I'm the only user, I have used the auto login, "netplwiz" process in like forever.

Again, I saw no where that I had "any" option other than to login with a Microsoft account to get past this screen.

Maybe I didn't understand your reply.

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Without screen shots.

I can't tell what you saw. Here, across dozens of machines (office and home) we have been able to skip over the Microsoft account area.

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Well, "that's" the point

I couldn't do anything. If I hadn't had a Microsoft account, I don't know what I would have done. I tried, control alt delete, windows x, "add" "F" buttons. I know I wasn't going to reboot, who knows what that would have done.

So, the issue remains - what to do?

Anyway, thanks for replying. I know that I will get a Microsoft account for my sisters computer, before, I do the update.

By the way, I have, over the years, done many a 'clean' install, and there has "always" always" been the "skip" link so that I was able to use my 'own' login procedure a couple of steps later.

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If you are doing a clean install there is a way to force it.

Ready? Don't connect to the Internet. I did this just this week because I wanted to finish the setup and not wait for updates. The install went fine and I was able to create my stock setup with admin account and a spare admin.

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One 'final' thought

As previously mentioned, I use the "netplwiz" process for automatic login. Just disabled "that", and now both my accounts show up. Maybe if I hadn't set this up, "Grif", the issue would not have presented itself.

Anyway I have a solution going forward.

Thanks guys.

That's it. The end.

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Yep, That Explains It.. No Auto-Login Here... Good Job !


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MS acct. is good to have but not required

If you plan to buy anything from MS store then you need it. If you use the acct. as a save for re-entering your PC because you forgot password. Otherwise those the best reasons to have the acct. Anytime you interact with MS, then an acct. is needed but for most not so.

Typical usage is using the desktop or local acct. that way you can use your PC just like you did in Win 7 and prior OSes.

tada -----Willy Happy

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