Do the math?

NO ONE can check 650,000 emails in 8 days?

But more than ONE Can?

650,000/192 (hours in 8 days) = 3385 per hour

3385/number of people checking...20? = 169 per hr....

169/60= 2.81 emails/min

Even I could scan 169 emails in an hour looking for certain phrases....

That's just using "eyeballs"...imagine what could be done using "word find" and other technology.

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Last night's news report said that a great number

of the new emails weren't new at all. They were duplicates of what was already found. What wasn't said is whether or not any of the duplicates were sensitive. This begs the question as to just how many more devices are there out there that contain Hillary's email and in whose hands are they. Advice is to always do backups so that nothing gets lost. So this was just part of a backup plan and not pure carelessness.

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Using your logic and math

Explain why it took well over a year to check the 33,000 PRINTED emails that hilLIARy needed a court order to turn over to State? And a another court order to get the Senate to actually start releasing them?

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RE: Why?

Because the wheels of justice grind slowly.

Will you explain why..... last week TheRUMP was praising Comey...and 8 days later, he's saying that Comey couldn't do what he said he did in 8 days?

Is TheRUMP NOW calling Comey a "liar"?

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Praising Comey

for re-opening the investigation.......nobody expected he would get through them all before the election.....which somehow, someway, Comey has suggested they did, making him a liar.

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Again, the question

Why did it take well over a year for the FBI to go through and release in dribbles and drabs from the FBI AND the STATE Departments only 33K PRINTED emails?


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Again....the answer

FBI investigated...nothing there...move on...nothing to see here.

Why did it take well over a year for the FBI to go through and release in dribbles and drabs from the FBI AND the STATE Departments only 33K PRINTED emails?

Release, in dribbles and drabs, to "the public"?

THEY investigate...YOU decide whether to press charges?

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No...THEY investigate

and the DOJ decides..........can you say 'corruption' at the highest level of this administration? Or will you actually choke on that admission?

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RE:the DOJ decides.

it appears you're the one that is choking....

The DOJ decided...and you're complaining.

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No, they didn't

She dumped the decision onto Comey and it's NOT in his job description to be the 'decider'..........the DOJ punted because they refuse to allow him to even get a grand jury together so that THEY can decide if there's enough evidence to indict. Once THEY make that call, it's ONLY up to the DOJ to actually prosecute with the charges the grand jury recommends. All of this was done by the DOJ to keep covering her sorry, corrupt ****, which makes the DOJ as corrupt as she is.

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Already, just the emails WE have...

....more Hillary crimes have been discovered and exposed on Reddit than the FBI has admitted to YET.

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